Felt-tip liner vs. Brush liner

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I've only recently got into winged eyeliner. This is mainly because I was completely rubbish at getting a nice crisp line and a matching flick on the other eye. Oh the struggle. And it takes longer and I'm lazy... But with a few attempts I found a technique that worked for me and experimented with thicker lines until I found the flick which suited me best. During this whole time I was using a felt liner. And it worked very well for me. Many people have commented about felt liners saying they are not for beginners. So I was surprised it worked really well for me. So, I thought I'd try out a brush liner and compare the two.

Felt tip Liners

I love this stuff. Already got through three tubes... I also bought a blue one as I'm going to do a bit of experimenting with vibrant colours and do a post soon. It's easy to use, not too firm and just glides on. 

Here are some photos where the liner was used:


I actually got this as a freebie with a magazine I got a while ago. And it's amazing stuff! It's a really dark black (if you know what I mean...) and creates a gorgeous precise line. It is easy to create thin or thick lines with this eyeliner.

Brush Liners

I can't get on with this. I feel that it is an enemy! I thought it would be easier using a brush but it seems it just isn't. There have been a few occasions where I've tried this and just COMPLETELY ruined my eye make-up resulting in me having to take it all off and start from scratch. Not happy. Maybe it's just the brand I'm using or perhaps I just can't get to grips with the brush. I find that the brush is SO hard to control and just has a mind of its own. It's so hard to get a crisp flick. 

Here is a swatch of all the liners:

Top to Bottom: Collection Blue, Collection Black, Eyeko, Rimmel Glam'Eyes

What types of eyeliner do you prefer? Any gel users?

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  1. I like felt tip liners, they're my faves actually. I can't really use gel liners, they just don's look right


    1. Yeah felt seems to be the only one I can use correctly! Thanks for the comment :)