Monday, 31 August 2015

Felt-tip liner vs. Brush liner

I've only recently got into winged eyeliner. This is mainly because I was completely rubbish at getting a nice crisp line and a matching flick on the other eye. Oh the struggle. And it takes longer and I'm lazy... But with a few attempts I found a technique that worked for me and experimented with thicker lines until I found the flick which suited me best. During this whole time I was using a felt liner. And it worked very well for me. Many people have commented about felt liners saying they are not for beginners. So I was surprised it worked really well for me. So, I thought I'd try out a brush liner and compare the two.

Felt tip Liners

I love this stuff. Already got through three tubes... I also bought a blue one as I'm going to do a bit of experimenting with vibrant colours and do a post soon. It's easy to use, not too firm and just glides on. 

Here are some photos where the liner was used:


I actually got this as a freebie with a magazine I got a while ago. And it's amazing stuff! It's a really dark black (if you know what I mean...) and creates a gorgeous precise line. It is easy to create thin or thick lines with this eyeliner.

Brush Liners

I can't get on with this. I feel that it is an enemy! I thought it would be easier using a brush but it seems it just isn't. There have been a few occasions where I've tried this and just COMPLETELY ruined my eye make-up resulting in me having to take it all off and start from scratch. Not happy. Maybe it's just the brand I'm using or perhaps I just can't get to grips with the brush. I find that the brush is SO hard to control and just has a mind of its own. It's so hard to get a crisp flick. 

Here is a swatch of all the liners:

Top to Bottom: Collection Blue, Collection Black, Eyeko, Rimmel Glam'Eyes

What types of eyeliner do you prefer? Any gel users?

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Kiko cosmetics

A few months back while I was in Nottingham (ahhh how I miss Nottingham...) I was in Victoria Centre and noticed that a new shop had popped up and was bursting with make-up. My eyes lit up and of course I couldn't help myself and had to venture in. The prices were cheap, including the amazing offers they had on too, and so I picked up a few things (I could have bought one of everything if I had the room and, more importantly, the money). When I actually took the time to look at the brand instead of gawking at all the beautiful products I realised that it was the up-and-coming brand, Kiko Cosmetics

Up until recently I had never heard of the brand. Then all of a sudden, BOOM! It's all beauty bloggers/vloggers are talking about. The products are cheap but the packaging and design of the products look a lot more luxurious than other products for the same price. And from what I've experienced with these products the quality of them is so worth the money.

These eyeshadows are gorgeous! Highly pigmented, just as it says on the box. They last all day and don't smudge. This colour is a lovely deep green which makes a good smoky eye when blended with black throughout the crease.

I use this colour sphere almost every time I wear make-up now. I wish my photos would show just how lovely and sparkly this is but it doesn't pick it up!! But I can assure you the glitter in this thing is amazing! When you're eyes catch the light they shimmer and look just beautiful. I love it! I want more in different shades.

This metallic shade looks amazing under bright light. It glimmers a lovely purple/pink shade with hints of silver. It doesn't chip easy and the application to the nail is smooth.

I've been wearing this nail lacquer a lot recently. I apply two thin coats and leave it to dry. It dries very quick and leaves a lovely baby pink colour with a pearly sheen. It's a very sophisticated colour with a touch of girlishness. It only starts to chip after a week of wear which is amazing.

Have any of you tried products from Kiko Cosmetics? What are you thoughts?

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Home-made summer drinks

Recently I've been experimenting making home-made drinks like iced coffee, smoothies and milkshakes. The measurements are all to taste and it depends on how many people you are serving so don't be afraid to experiment!

Iced Coffee


Cup of coffee (This can be instant or ground coffee. I made mine with Costa Rican Fair Trade ground coffee. I don't have a cafetière or proper coffee filter so I just drained my coffee through a tea strainer. Works well!)

Splash of milk

Sugar (if preferred)

½ cup of ice, preferably crushed

Cream (if preferred to top)


Put the coffee and sugar into a glass and pour over boiling water.

Stir and leave to cool to room temperature before placing in the fridge.

Leave to cool for around 2-3 hours.

When the drink is cool, pour the liquid into a blender (or strain it first if you used grounds).

Add as much milk as desired and the crushed ice. Blend until mixed well.

Pour into a glass and serve topped with whipped cream if preferred.

Summer fruits smoothie


This is what I used in my smoothie but obviously you can chuck in anything you want! Adding in a handful of oats is nice. And as much fruit as you want! You can also use all different kinds of fruit juice.

Cup of orange juice (either from or not from concentrate)

½ cup of berries (I used frozen summer fruits for mine but any will do)

Handful of grapes

Slice of melon

1 banana, mashed

Crushed ice (if preferred)


Now this is pretty simple....

Throw (not literally of course) everything into a blender and whizz until smooth!

If the mixture is too thick for your taste then add more juice and if it is too thin add more fruit.

Voilà! Fruity goodness!

Peanut butter – chocolate milkshake


Cup of milk (I use soya milk but you can use any milk substitute you like)

3 teaspoons of cocoa powder

2 teaspoons of sugar (or more to taste)

2 teaspoons of peanut butter


Again this is just as simple as above.

Just put it all into the blender and whizz away! Give it a taste and add in more things to taste.

And there you have it! 3 very simple and easy drinks you can make at home in minutes!

Have you got any at home drink recipes to share?

Friday, 14 August 2015

5 products not worth your time (or money)

Just a little disclaimer – products which I don't like, you might love and vice versa. But these are products that didn't agree with ME and I didn't enjoy. Feel free to disagree with me, that's fine! We can't all like the same things, otherwise life would be boring! Make sure you let me know your opinions in the comments and feel free to discuss your views on the products I mention.

Now I've got that out the's a few products which didn't quite hit the spot. Some of these products I have mentioned before and done full reviews on so I'll link them if I have. The products are in no order of dissatisfaction or anything like that... they are just five which I have chosen which I believe don't do their job. 

I have tired this product time and time again and tried to like it but I just can't! After all the amazing reviews I couldn't understand why it wasn't working for me. But I've come to the conclusion now that I don't like it and it just doesn't work. It barely takes my foundation off my face and when I try to remove my mascara it won't budge! All it does it sting my eyes like crazy and smears my make-up all over my face rather than taking it off... very disappointed. 

Everyone hypes on about this product but I really don't see the fuss. It doesn't really cover up dark circles for me or even blemishes. Also I always use eye-cream before I apply concealer and I STILL get serious creasing which is really annoying. Also, the fairest shade still isn't fair enough for me so it just creates orange lines around my eyes which isn't a look I try to achieve... I prefer my collection lasting perfection concealer which is a fairer shade, cheaper and works better. If anyone has any recommendations of concealers from the drugstore/high street that they think are amazing PLEASE tell me because I'm on a hunt to find one I really love. 

I thought this was going to be a moisturising cheat and save me lots of time and effort. Instead it just made me all slimy in the shower and I still had dry patches. I didn't feel like my skin was any more hydrated or smooth. And I had to use up loads of product just to feel like it was doing something. Won't be repurchasing anytime soon. 

Shade: Keep flying for you

Shade: I fall in love


I own two shades of this. The first shade I bought was 'Keep flying for you.' I thought I must have just chosen a super neon shade (this one looked like a nice nude pink on the website and instead it turned out to be neon orange...) so I decided to try a new shade and I was disappointed with this too! The shade 'I fall in love' on the website looked like it was going to be a subtle pink and instead it is a bright pink! These lip products just sit in the lines in your lips and are way too bright. The picture on the product on the website doesn't reflect the actual shade of the product. Which wasn't what I was expected. So they're not really wearable products for me. They are also just uncomfortable to wear and feel like I've got paint on my lips. 

I was extremely disappointed with this product set... the claims it states were not true and instead I found the opposite effect. It made my hair more dry, frizzy and full of fly-aways which was the complete opposite of what I had hoped for. It claimed that hair would stay straight and smooth after washing which was just not the case. Make sure to read my full review to see the pictures of my hair throughout the week.

Have any of you tried these products and loved/hated them? What products are you not a fan of?

Monday, 10 August 2015

How I prep and set my make-up

The key to a flawless foundation application is usually down to how you prep your skin. Preparing the skin ensures that it is well moisturised and smooth so that the foundation glides on rather than sticking to dry areas and creating a 'caked' base. Also, if you have rather large pores it can be useful to use a silicone primer to mask the pores so that the foundation covers them rather than defines them. Here's what I use or have used.

First I moisturise my face to make sure there are no dry patches. This ensures that the skin is full of moisture and so the foundation will smooth over the face evenly and not cling to any dry areas. I prefer to use a moisturiser with SPF for extra protection against UV rays which can be damaging to the skin. 

I love this moisturiser. It has an SPF of 15 so it's great for every day use. My skin is notably smoother after application and it sinks in very quickly so you can apply make-up on top straight away. It smells really good (as does everything in the Body Shop...). This is my favourite moisturiser to use before applying make-up. 

I love Simple products. The smell is really inoffensive and the products are cheap and actually work. This moisturiser is amazing as a daily moisturiser (whether you're wearing make up or not) as it has a high SPF factor and makes the skin supple and smooth. 

I have been using E4 Cream well.... all my life haha. It is a staple in most people's homes and is a cheap and effective daily moisturiser. It may not be a luxurious product but it certainly does the job.

I like to use a primer to mask pores and smooth the skin even more. I usually only use it in my T zone where I have the most pores.

I had a small sample bottle of this miracle stuff in a little gift set my friend (thanks Emma!) got me for Christmas. I absolutely loved it while I had it. You only need a tinnie tiny bit and it covers the main areas. It covers pores extremely well whilst smoothing the skin ready for foundation. The only downside to this product is that the full thing is extremely expensive. I'm not sure I'd buy it full price anytime soon. 

As a cheap alternative this one is brilliant. I work a little bit of it into my T zone after I've moisturised and it makes the skin feel really smooth and silky. It's a clear solution so it doesn't matter too much if you accidently use too much!

As stated in my drugstore/cheaper foundations post this is my favourite foundation at the moment. It is a light foundation that covers really well and it is the only super fair shade which suits my skin. Read my post HERE to find out what other foundations I love and more about why I love this foundation. 


I use this after all my make-up has been applied to set it all in place. A few light sprays do the trick and it smells of aloe vera which is also very cooling.

What are you favourite products to prime and set your make-up? 

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Top 5 Summer Lipsticks

 If you're like me and live in England you know that if you blink you might just miss summer! But when the sun is shining there's nothing more satisfying than wearing a pretty lipstick to make yourself feel glam and summery.

For my top 5 summer lipsticks I've chosen mainly pinks, nudes and coral shades. These are lipsticks in my collection which I am really impressed with and wear mostly during the summer months. They are in no particular order of preference, just the 5 in my collection which I rate highly for a summer lip colour!

I recently did a review on this as being one of the best nude lipsticks I've found. Read that review HERE. So I thought this should definitely feature in my top 5. It is such a versatile lipstick as I think it suits any outfit or make-up look. I also think the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks smell really good too!

This is a lovely light and subtle pink shade which is a pretty colour for the summer. It's not too bright but adds a nice sheen of colour to the lips. The lipstick feels very moisturising to make sure the lips are plump and not cracked and dry. 


This is another great nude shade. It's more of a brown nude than a pink one I'd say. It glides on the lips to create yet another versatile shade which compliments most outfits and make-up looks. The only negative point I have about this lipstick is the smell. It reminds me of crayons... which I don't like. But despite that I use this lipstick A LOT. 

I love coral shades for the summer as they add that pop of colour without being too bright. The shade here is a great mix of red and orange to create a lovely pout! This is a cheap product so you can get a gorgeous pretty summer coral shade without breaking the bank :)

Makeup Revolution lipsticks are very cheap and affordable so there are lots to choose from. I picked out this colour as the pink is quite deep with hints of purple and some sparkle in it which achieves a lovely shine when the sun your lips.

What are your favourite lipsticks for the summer?