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A few months back while I was in Nottingham (ahhh how I miss Nottingham...) I was in Victoria Centre and noticed that a new shop had popped up and was bursting with make-up. My eyes lit up and of course I couldn't help myself and had to venture in. The prices were cheap, including the amazing offers they had on too, and so I picked up a few things (I could have bought one of everything if I had the room and, more importantly, the money). When I actually took the time to look at the brand instead of gawking at all the beautiful products I realised that it was the up-and-coming brand, Kiko Cosmetics

Up until recently I had never heard of the brand. Then all of a sudden, BOOM! It's all beauty bloggers/vloggers are talking about. The products are cheap but the packaging and design of the products look a lot more luxurious than other products for the same price. And from what I've experienced with these products the quality of them is so worth the money.

These eyeshadows are gorgeous! Highly pigmented, just as it says on the box. They last all day and don't smudge. This colour is a lovely deep green which makes a good smoky eye when blended with black throughout the crease.

I use this colour sphere almost every time I wear make-up now. I wish my photos would show just how lovely and sparkly this is but it doesn't pick it up!! But I can assure you the glitter in this thing is amazing! When you're eyes catch the light they shimmer and look just beautiful. I love it! I want more in different shades.

This metallic shade looks amazing under bright light. It glimmers a lovely purple/pink shade with hints of silver. It doesn't chip easy and the application to the nail is smooth.

I've been wearing this nail lacquer a lot recently. I apply two thin coats and leave it to dry. It dries very quick and leaves a lovely baby pink colour with a pearly sheen. It's a very sophisticated colour with a touch of girlishness. It only starts to chip after a week of wear which is amazing.

Have any of you tried products from Kiko Cosmetics? What are you thoughts?

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  1. I couldn't believe it either when I saw Kiko open in Nottingham! I haven't tried anything other than their eyeliner yet but it's amazing!
    Emma x | baking and beauty blog

    1. Yeah I was so excited aha. I've left uni now so won't be in Nottingham for a while but I want to go back! I do need a new eyeliner so I'll check out the kiko one :) Thanks for the comment.

  2. These eye shadows are so pretty

    1. I know I am SO in love with them! Definitley worth it. Thanks for the comment :)