How I prep and set my make-up

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The key to a flawless foundation application is usually down to how you prep your skin. Preparing the skin ensures that it is well moisturised and smooth so that the foundation glides on rather than sticking to dry areas and creating a 'caked' base. Also, if you have rather large pores it can be useful to use a silicone primer to mask the pores so that the foundation covers them rather than defines them. Here's what I use or have used.

First I moisturise my face to make sure there are no dry patches. This ensures that the skin is full of moisture and so the foundation will smooth over the face evenly and not cling to any dry areas. I prefer to use a moisturiser with SPF for extra protection against UV rays which can be damaging to the skin. 

I love this moisturiser. It has an SPF of 15 so it's great for every day use. My skin is notably smoother after application and it sinks in very quickly so you can apply make-up on top straight away. It smells really good (as does everything in the Body Shop...). This is my favourite moisturiser to use before applying make-up. 

I love Simple products. The smell is really inoffensive and the products are cheap and actually work. This moisturiser is amazing as a daily moisturiser (whether you're wearing make up or not) as it has a high SPF factor and makes the skin supple and smooth. 

I have been using E4 Cream well.... all my life haha. It is a staple in most people's homes and is a cheap and effective daily moisturiser. It may not be a luxurious product but it certainly does the job.

I like to use a primer to mask pores and smooth the skin even more. I usually only use it in my T zone where I have the most pores.

I had a small sample bottle of this miracle stuff in a little gift set my friend (thanks Emma!) got me for Christmas. I absolutely loved it while I had it. You only need a tinnie tiny bit and it covers the main areas. It covers pores extremely well whilst smoothing the skin ready for foundation. The only downside to this product is that the full thing is extremely expensive. I'm not sure I'd buy it full price anytime soon. 

As a cheap alternative this one is brilliant. I work a little bit of it into my T zone after I've moisturised and it makes the skin feel really smooth and silky. It's a clear solution so it doesn't matter too much if you accidently use too much!

As stated in my drugstore/cheaper foundations post this is my favourite foundation at the moment. It is a light foundation that covers really well and it is the only super fair shade which suits my skin. Read my post HERE to find out what other foundations I love and more about why I love this foundation. 


I use this after all my make-up has been applied to set it all in place. A few light sprays do the trick and it smells of aloe vera which is also very cooling.

What are you favourite products to prime and set your make-up? 

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