Top 5 Summer Lipsticks

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 If you're like me and live in England you know that if you blink you might just miss summer! But when the sun is shining there's nothing more satisfying than wearing a pretty lipstick to make yourself feel glam and summery.

For my top 5 summer lipsticks I've chosen mainly pinks, nudes and coral shades. These are lipsticks in my collection which I am really impressed with and wear mostly during the summer months. They are in no particular order of preference, just the 5 in my collection which I rate highly for a summer lip colour!

I recently did a review on this as being one of the best nude lipsticks I've found. Read that review HERE. So I thought this should definitely feature in my top 5. It is such a versatile lipstick as I think it suits any outfit or make-up look. I also think the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks smell really good too!

This is a lovely light and subtle pink shade which is a pretty colour for the summer. It's not too bright but adds a nice sheen of colour to the lips. The lipstick feels very moisturising to make sure the lips are plump and not cracked and dry. 


This is another great nude shade. It's more of a brown nude than a pink one I'd say. It glides on the lips to create yet another versatile shade which compliments most outfits and make-up looks. The only negative point I have about this lipstick is the smell. It reminds me of crayons... which I don't like. But despite that I use this lipstick A LOT. 

I love coral shades for the summer as they add that pop of colour without being too bright. The shade here is a great mix of red and orange to create a lovely pout! This is a cheap product so you can get a gorgeous pretty summer coral shade without breaking the bank :)

Makeup Revolution lipsticks are very cheap and affordable so there are lots to choose from. I picked out this colour as the pink is quite deep with hints of purple and some sparkle in it which achieves a lovely shine when the sun your lips.

What are your favourite lipsticks for the summer?

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  1. I love the colour of all of these. I wear pink lipstick even in the winter and at the moment my favourite is the Clinique chubby stick pink one, not sure what it's called I just know what it looks like.

    1. Yeah so do I :) and yeah I know which one you mean! My friend used to let me borrow hers and they are really good quality.

  2. I love the rimmel kate lipsticks, such lovely colours too! great post hun! :)

    1. Yeah that are such good quality for a really cheap price! Thanks :)