Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Green Hair Disaster!

What to do if your blonde hair turns green from swimming

"There's more to life than hair... but it's a good place to start" – The Aussie philosophy

I'm sure all you blonde bombshells out there have been dubious about submerging your beautiful golden locks into pool water, without a little fear that you'll re-emerge with hair like the Joker...but chances are you'll live another day with a goldilocks mane.

In the past I've gone swimming a lot with bleached hair and had no problems with colour distortion. I was a worried a couple of years ago after I'd freshly dyed my hair a few days before holidaying abroad and swimming in the pool daily. But again, nothing went wrong. So, naturally I thought, what is everyone talking about? Perhaps it's just platinum blonde hair that encounters this problem.

Unfortunately not.

On my recent holiday, I was in the pool for less than 20 minutes, washed my hair and made my way back to the hotel room. As I brushed my ombred hair, I noticed that where I had bleached my ends they weren't blonde anymore... they were BRIGHT GREEN. Now, don't get me wrong, if you want to dye your hair green then great, go ahead, that's a decision you made. However, I did not make this decision. I decided to dye my hair blonde NOT green. Silly pool water! Anyway, naturally I cried haha as my hair was very long and I liked the colour. I also didn't like the idea of getting most of my hair chopped to save the situation. So, I asked shouted my boyfriend to Google remedies. After I washed my hair five times, he came in and suggested two home remedies. Coke and tomato juice. We made a trip to the local convenience store and bought both products.

I started with the tomato juice. The tactic here is to submerge your hair in the juice and let it soak for at least 15 minutes. I filled a water bottle to the top, twisted my hair, and plonked it all in the juice and left it. And YAY it worked! I couldn't believe it! There was still a green tinge but it was so much better.

The day after, I soaked my hair again and it was loads better, hardly noticeable.
However, because of all the washing and soaking it became quite dry. So I did end up having a bit of a chop....

...before chop

after chop...

I intend on blonding it up again in the next week so hopefully that goes well!

Sorry I don't have any pictures to show how green the hair was... but I wasn't in a good state of mind to be snapping selfies in a hair disaster!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Cyprus Diaries: Lookbook

Im back!! If you follow me on Instagram, you will no doubt be aware I have just spent a week on the sunny Mediterranean Island, Cyprus. With 340 sunny days a year, I was guaranteed to have some sun, sand and sea. The weather wasn't scorching, as expected, but a darn sight better than it is in the UK. Whilst we were there it hit in the 20's and was a beautiful island. I intend to do a 'Cyprus Diaries' series, talking about my week abroad, starting with this lookbook.

Here are a few pictures of clothes that I brought to Cyprus. I didn't manage to get many pictures of outfits outside, as when I actually looked nice (no sun-cream in hair and make-up on...y'know how it goes. Also, there was a disaster where my hair turned green, which I will talk about another time...) it tended to be in the evenings.

Look One

This look is perfect for this time of year abroad. The leggings provide a nice layer to keep your legs warm but not TOO warm if the sun does decide to get hot. If it gets too hot, then just take off the leggings! Also a plain crop top to compliment the pattern going on in the skirt. If you start to get chilly bring a light jumper to put on top! I wore these Converse style shoes (they're not actually Converse, they are a dupe I bought from Boohoo) a lot whilst on holiday. They are super comfy, not too warm and look good.

Grey Crop – ASOS
Leggings – Primark
Sun Glasses – Primark
Canvass Shoes – Boohoo
Swift Skirt – ASOS
Rucksack (even though you can't really see it...) - Primark

Look Two

I wore this look a lot to dinner in the evenings. I think the plain white vest top and jeans are just automatically brightened up with this floral kimono. It's light enough to not overheat but also just gives you that little bit of an extra layer to keep the chill off.

White Vest Top – Primark
Jeans – toxik3 Jeans
Floral Kimono – Primark
Komono Estelle Light Blue Leather Watch
Ballet Pumps - Boohoo
Necklace - Interncionale

I have actually written about this look before when I paired a white crop top with pastel pink jeans. Read that post here! 

Look Three

Again another simple but effective outfit. The long cardigan looks smart but also keeps your arms warm! I tried this hairstyle when we went to dinner as I couldn't be bothered to wash my hair and I'm not gonna lie it did look a bit greasy, so this plait and slicked up pony worked a trick.

Dark Blue Cardigan – Primark
Baby Pink floaty top – Primark
Jeans - toxik3 Jeans
Ballet Pumps – Boohoo
Komono Estelle Light Blue Leather Watch
Necklace - Interncionale

Look Four

I love this floral dress from Topshop. You can dress it up with nice shoes or wear it casual with Converse and still rock it! Again, hair was NOT cooperating, so I did this half-up half-down plait hairstyle to tame my locks.

Floral Dress – Topshop
Leggings – Primark
Ballet Pumps – Boohoo
Komono Estelle Light Blue Leather Watch
Necklace - Interncionale

With this look I did a simple eye shadow with some glittery eyeliner to make my eyes pop :)

Keep an eye out for the rest of my Cyprus Diaries!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Holiday Beauty Essentials

This weekend me and my boyfriend are going away for a week in Cyprus! Yippee I'm so excited, I can't wait to get away from the wet and cold of England! Although it is forecast to rain a bit next week in Cyprus, but it is still hitting above 20 degrees which sounds good to me!

Here are a few beauty essentials I'm taking on holiday with me. I haven't included make-up as there would have been too many products to talk about so I might do another post on that!

Sun cream

Sun cream is the number one important 'beauty' product you can take on holiday. No one likes to be burnt. And as I'm so fair, I don't tan, I burn and so a high factor sun cream is essential. I'm taking one from Nivea which smells gooood and another little one from Hawaiian Tropic as this one smells divine.... mmm.

Lip Balm

I constantly need to slather lip balm on and so if I forgot this on holiday I would be devastated! Now I know this says it's a hand balm... but I do use this as a lip balm and it works a treat!

Day Cream with SPF

Obviously you can put sun cream on your face, but when I do it seems to sting my eyes, so I prefer to use a day cream with SPF. I'm taking this Nivea Day Cream with SPF of 15. As SPF 15 probably isn't high enough for me, I will be applying a foundation with a high SPF factor too for double protection!

Fake Tan

I am applying fake tan the day before we fly so that I don't look completely out of place... last time I went on holiday people kept telling me that I need to stay out in the sun more to get tanned! I was like no, I burn, I do not tan... I will be taking a bottle of tan with me too as I will be in water a lot I anticipate another application might be in order. I use the Bondi Sands tanning foam in light/medium. I did a full review on this product and a step by step application guide last year so check it out here!

Spray Moisturiser

Obviously when you have fake tanned you need to keep moisturising to keep it looking fresh and to stop it from going patchy. Also, moisturising after sun exposure is vital to stop flaking. I'm taking this Palmers spray moisturiser as it is so easy to apply and sinks straight into the skin meaning I can put my clothes straight on after moisturising. And as you know if you follow my blog, I adore the smell of cocoa butter and rave about Palmers 24/7...

Mini travel essentials

I picked up this cute little Nivea travel pack in Primark. It includes a mini deodorant, body wash, moisturiser, a lip care stick and some face wipes which remove make-up. What more could you need?!

Shampoo & Conditioner

These small bottles from Simple were only 99p so I snapped them up! I've never used these products before but I'm always satisfied with Simple so I'm sure they will do their job!

Other bits and bobs...

This includes the mini toothpaste and items like hair ties, hairbrush, bobby pins etc which are obvious boring beauty essentials. I'm also taking my Rose body mist from the Body Shop for evenings. 

Any of you travelling abroad this summer? What are your beauty essentials?

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Blue Lagoon Mineral Cream

Recently my Aunt went to Iceland. Amongst many fascinating sights (including the Game of Thrones tour and the Northern Lights), she visited the famous Blue Lagoon; the geothermal spar. Located in a lava field (bit scary) the water is warm and rich in minerals, which are said to cure skin conditions such as psoriasis. She brought back this Mineral cream for my Mum as she suffers from REALLY sensitive skin and so thought this would be a worthwhile product for her to try. So, of course, I've been using it so I can do a review.

For all of us stuck at home and not bathing in the warm waters of the Blue Lagoon, you can buy this product online, so you can have the benefits without the commitment of an expensive holiday. This product is described as a mineral intensive cream which is for very dry and sensitive skin. I have been using this on my face but it can be used all over the body too.

As this product is for sensitive skin it has no scent. So it has that no scent, scent... if you know what I mean. It doesn't smell of nothing but it is not perfumed. Personally, I like my skin products to smell good, but I don't suffer from sensitive skin so it's not a problem. Whereas if my Mum uses something with a strong scent on her face, she will instantly flare up with a rash. So that's something to bear in mind when buying this product. It did however, make my skin feel sooooo soft. It sinks into the skin quickly leaving the skin very hydrated and soft to touch.

The Blue Lagoon sell a whole lot of other mineral products on their website so go check them out if your are feeling in need of a good pamper!