Sunday, 28 February 2016

Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation

For a while now I've been hearing this foundation name pop up a lot; TV adverts, beauty bloggers, YouTubers, suggested products on the Superdrug websites.... (let's pretend that wasn't what persuaded me to buy it, it was on offer ok!) I got this product for £6.99 which is a decent price for foundation. I bought it in the shade 01 Natural Ivory as I believe it's the lightest shade they do. The product is labelled as a 'soft-matte hydrating foundation'. Matte AND hydrating. Sounds too good to be true eh?

So what did I think?

This hydrating whipped gel reminds me very much of the Maybelline Matte Mousse, the foundation I used religiously at the age of 16... I don't mind the texture but I much prefer a liquid foundation now. I think it's easier to blend. However, overall this foundation provided a nice light/medium coverage and the shade was a pretty good match even if it is a little on the yellow side. I'm not sure if I would describe it as matte though. It gave me a little bit of a glow, which I liked, without it making me look oily. So I would bear that in mind if you have oily skin. The foundation lasted well all day, but I think a little powdering would have been needed towards the end of the day.

Top left: No makeup
Top right: Foundation applied
Bottom left and right: Full makeup applied 

Before and After

I would give this foundation a 7/10 which isn't bad for a high street, cheap foundation. :)

Have any of you tried this foundation? What were your thoughts?

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Max Factor vs Max Factor - Foundations Review

Max Factor vs Max Factor


Not so long ago I purchased a shiny new foundation. I praised it for its wonderful colour match and the way it flawlessly blends into the skin whilst keeping the skin hydrated. Having found this Max Factor discovery a huge success, I decided to venture out further with the Max Factor Face Finity 3 in 1 foundation. This primer, concealer AND foundation reduces make-up applying time as there is no fiddling around applying primer and concealer.

How does it compare to the Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation? Well first of all it's worth noting that the shade is exactly the same. If you've found a perfect shade in one foundation it will match in the other, which is handy. The application is pretty much the same too... I can't say it applied any different or that I noticed it lasted any longer. The only difference I notice is the smell. They smell slightly different but neither of them are offensive or unpleasant.

They are both usually the same price. However, if you are lucky you may find one is on offer, for example, at the moment the Face Finity foundation is on offer at Boots and Superdrug for £9.99 rather than the £12.99 standard price.

So which one do I prefer? I've said that they both have the same shade and apply the shade so if I had to choose between them which one would I purchase again?

For me it would have to be the Max Factor Face Finity 3 in 1 foundation. The main reason for this is the fact that this foundation has an SPF of 20 whereas the other one has no SPF. Therefore, it can be used all year round providing sun protection for the face and a good level of coverage.

All in all, another successful foundation find!

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Frozen Banana Chocolate Ice Cream

I read somewhere recently that if you blend frozen bananas it makes an ice cream-like desert that you can add numerous different flavours to. Blueberries, peanut butter, coco powder... whatever you like! I'm not a massive lover of bananas; I will eat them but they're not my favourite. So, I didn't have high hopes for this recipe. But because it was cheap and simple I thought it was worth a shot. And I was blown away by the results. I made a chocolate banana ice cream and surprisingly this actually tastes like a fantastic ice cream alternative. I was worried it would just taste of mashed bananas but it really doesn't. A smooth, creamy, chocolatey ice cream with a subtle and not overpowering banana taste. This is a fantastic alternative to dairy ice cream and it's super easy to make.

How to make – Serves two

Take 3 bananas, chop them up and freeze them.

In a few hours, or the next day, put the frozen banana chunks into a blender (or for me I used a hand processor as our blender can't cope with bananas..) and whizz until smooth. I added a little soya milk so that it blended easier but this is completely optional.

Add 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder and 2 teaspoons of sugar, blend again.

Add more cocoa powder or sugar to taste.

You can add strawberries, raspberries or blueberries to decorate. As you can see I didn't have any when I made it... that's why my photo looks a bit rubbish haha. Oh well, looks aren't everything, it tasted so good though!

As I said earlier, add anything you like to this recipe it doesn't have to be cocoa powder. That's why cooking (or in this case mashing) is fun, you can break the rules ;)

Friday, 5 February 2016

What's on my Desk?

Some people might see a desk as a flat space to dump your laptop on and sit down occasionally to do some 'work'. But I see my desk as quite a personal space. It's MY desk. When I was at university I didn't have a room at home, therefore, no desk. And it was at that time in my life when I most needed a desk! So, now I'm back home with a room of my own, a desk means more than just a wooden table to me.

First and foremost, the most important object that I keep on my desk is my laptop. I use my laptop for EVERYTHING. Blogging, social networking, online shopping... having it as my primary gadget on my desk makes perfect sense. I usually keep my laptop tucked away safe in my laptop sleeve to keep it from getting dusty or scratched. I bought this cute number from Amazon. 

I have an array of notepads. I'm a sucker for pretty things and I have too many notepads that I never use... so I'm keeping two on my desk at all times so I can hopefully start to use my ever growing store of neglected notepads. I also have a floral note holder which is useful for jotting down lists and memos.

And then I have my little tray of things... that's the only way to describe it! I have a pen pot with some pretty pens, a lip balm (essential!) some moisturiser which I use as hand cream and a tiny pot which has a collection of my favourite earrings in.

There are then the personal touches. I have a picture of me and my boyfriend which he got me as a present a few years ago. A lovely scrap book which was gifted to me by one of my best friends for my 21st. Such a gorgeous, personal present full of fabulous and funny pictures of the past. There is a card which my mum hand drew for my 21st birthday from one of my favourite books from my childhood :)

And nothing completes a a homely desk than a lovely cup of tea. mmm...

And of course, in the summer, I will spruce up the mood with a vase of hand picked flowers. Nothing quite beats it! It's not just aesthetically pleasing but smells amazing too; especially since my favourite flowers are roses :)

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

January 2016 Favourites

I can't believe it is 2016... I mean, I know it's only 1 more number than 2015 but it just feels so futuristic. I was only 7 when we hit the millennium but I remember it quite clearly. And every time someone refers to something from the 00's, for example, a film I'm like 'oh that's not that old then...' but then it hits me that 2000 was 16 years ago!

Anyway... so now as the month passes from January to February, let's talk about products which saw my 2016 beauty regime off to a good start!

Miss Selfridge Lipgloss

My friend Rachel got me this in a fantastic little make-up set from Miss Selfridge as a Christmas present. I don't usually like lipgloss as I find it very sticky on my lips and hate the sensation. But this one is amazing. It isn't sticky and just feels like lip balm. The shade is a beautiful pinky/plum colour with a hint of glitter. And it smells yummy too. Definitely will be purchasing more lipgloss from now on! I've wanted to try the Tanya Burr Lipgloss range for ages now... but like most things I want it is exactly that, a want rather than a need. We'll see how much longer I can hold off for... 8 month early present to self?!

Palmer's night and eye cream

As you will see from my previous post, these two items are a must for cocoa butter lovers like me. And throughout January I have used nothing else on my face... no more words needed. (although you can read my previous post for more details :P)

Telephone wire hair bobbles

You can find these in almost every shop that sells beauty products... these are from Bodycare and Superdrug
Now this is a bit of a strange one but it deserves to be featured. My friend Abie recommended these to me when I complained of getting headaches from having my hair tied up. It always tugs so hard on my hair, literally ripping my scalp off (ok... that sounded a bit brutal.) But I was advised these would be more gentle to my hair. And they are so good! No headaches! No tugging and ripping hair out! The only downfall with using these is because I have such thick hair, I can't tie these round enough times to create a high ponytail. So, if I'm wanting a super high ponytail then I will have to use elasticated hair ties.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Colour Deep Treatment

I've used this treatment before, but through January I bought a few sachets and used them about once a week. Aussie products smell like summer in a bottle, and every so often I will treat myself to some of their products (again, when will I learn the difference between want and need?!) and this is certainly something I want to continue to indulge in.  

New Years Resolution (one month too late...): Learn the difference between want and need...

Monday, 1 February 2016

Night-time Routine

I've recently (within the last year or so) have tried to stick to a night time routine, either after I've had a bath or just before bed to try and keep my skin from becoming dry. It also ensures that when I apply make-up in the morning before work, my skin is already smooth and supple rather than dry and dehydrated.

Here's what I've been using to keep that dry skin at bay and glossy locks!


In the evening the night cream I've been loving at the minute is this Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula 

This is a really thick cream which sinks into the skin well providing the skin with deep moisture throughout the night. The scent is described as fresh 'white lily fragrance' but you can definitely smell the cocoa butter which Palmer's is most famous for. It's not too strong though.

I like to apply eye cream morning and night for various reasons. The eye area needs to be adequately hydrated so that when make-up is applied, like concealer, you don't get any creasing. I used to get really bad creasing with my under-eye concealer, but since I have been using an eye cream morning and night it creases a lot less. The other main reason I have got into the routine is that I want to try and keep wrinkles at bay for as long as possible! And a rich, moisturising eye cream is a step toward a smooth eye area. I have been using the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Smoothing Eye Cream. It smells the same as the night cream, and after application you leave it a few minutes to sink into the skin.

I'll always apply lip balm before bed. There is nothing worse than waking up with a dry mouth and cracked lips... sometimes if I don't moisturise my lips before bed I'll wake up with my lips so cracked they are bleeding. Not good.

I'll always use my firm favourite. The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick.


As I've got plenty of body lotions/butters at the minute I've picked my 3 favourite which I will always reach for.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

Palmer's is one of my favourite brands (as you can probably tell from above...) for its cheap prices and great smelling products. I try to moisturise my body at night... but sometimes I'm too lazy... but when I do this one is definitely my first choice. It smells gorgeous, thick but sinks in well and makes my skin smooooth!

Flower Pharm|Wild Rose Body Butter

This 'butter' is thinner, more like a lotion. This has a summery rose/floral scent and sinks into the skin like a dream. Read my review on other Flower Pharm products HERE.  

This is another firm winner. Luxurious thick butter that glides onto the skin but disappears leaving a silky smooth surface to the skin. Read my full review on this Luxurious Champneys Due HERE. 


I will usually apply these products around 2-3 hours before bed so that they have chance to sink in and my hair to dry off a bit before I hit the pillow! Then I wake up with silky hair instead of a wire like bird's nest.