5 products not worth your time (or money)

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Just a little disclaimer – products which I don't like, you might love and vice versa. But these are products that didn't agree with ME and I didn't enjoy. Feel free to disagree with me, that's fine! We can't all like the same things, otherwise life would be boring! Make sure you let me know your opinions in the comments and feel free to discuss your views on the products I mention.

Now I've got that out the way...here's a few products which didn't quite hit the spot. Some of these products I have mentioned before and done full reviews on so I'll link them if I have. The products are in no order of dissatisfaction or anything like that... they are just five which I have chosen which I believe don't do their job. 

I have tired this product time and time again and tried to like it but I just can't! After all the amazing reviews I couldn't understand why it wasn't working for me. But I've come to the conclusion now that I don't like it and it just doesn't work. It barely takes my foundation off my face and when I try to remove my mascara it won't budge! All it does it sting my eyes like crazy and smears my make-up all over my face rather than taking it off... very disappointed. 

Everyone hypes on about this product but I really don't see the fuss. It doesn't really cover up dark circles for me or even blemishes. Also I always use eye-cream before I apply concealer and I STILL get serious creasing which is really annoying. Also, the fairest shade still isn't fair enough for me so it just creates orange lines around my eyes which isn't a look I try to achieve... I prefer my collection lasting perfection concealer which is a fairer shade, cheaper and works better. If anyone has any recommendations of concealers from the drugstore/high street that they think are amazing PLEASE tell me because I'm on a hunt to find one I really love. 

I thought this was going to be a moisturising cheat and save me lots of time and effort. Instead it just made me all slimy in the shower and I still had dry patches. I didn't feel like my skin was any more hydrated or smooth. And I had to use up loads of product just to feel like it was doing something. Won't be repurchasing anytime soon. 

Shade: Keep flying for you

Shade: I fall in love


I own two shades of this. The first shade I bought was 'Keep flying for you.' I thought I must have just chosen a super neon shade (this one looked like a nice nude pink on the website and instead it turned out to be neon orange...) so I decided to try a new shade and I was disappointed with this too! The shade 'I fall in love' on the website looked like it was going to be a subtle pink and instead it is a bright pink! These lip products just sit in the lines in your lips and are way too bright. The picture on the product on the website doesn't reflect the actual shade of the product. Which wasn't what I was expected. So they're not really wearable products for me. They are also just uncomfortable to wear and feel like I've got paint on my lips. 

I was extremely disappointed with this product set... the claims it states were not true and instead I found the opposite effect. It made my hair more dry, frizzy and full of fly-aways which was the complete opposite of what I had hoped for. It claimed that hair would stay straight and smooth after washing which was just not the case. Make sure to read my full review to see the pictures of my hair throughout the week.

Have any of you tried these products and loved/hated them? What products are you not a fan of?

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  1. I have never really been a fan of tresemme products in my opinion the brand is overrated!


    1. I don't mind some of the regular shampoo and conditioners from the brand which don't cost a lot but this set just did not work at all! Thanks for the comment :)

  2. I sort of agree with you on the Micellar water - but I love using it in the morning to cleanse my face rather than to take my makeup off which is probably why I love using it!


    1. Using it as a cleanser is a good idea! I never thought of that. I reckon that's how I'll use the rest of my bottle. Thanks for the comment and the helpful tip! :)

  3. I personally haven't had any problems with the Garnier Micellar water, it actually removes all of my makeup very easily. Maybe it depends on the consistency of your foundation (as in silicone/water based)? But I 100% agree with you on the in shower body lotion. That slippery mess did not rinse off easily and was hardly moisturizing at all.

    1. Well like I say, lots of people DO love it which is why I was disappointed as I thought I'd love it too :( But I'm glad the product works for you! And haha slippery mess is definitely the best way to describe the Nivea in shower body conditioner... Thanks for the comment :)