Saturday, 21 May 2016

Rodial Review

Recently (I say recently... but 'recently' I've lost track of time and been in a bit of a time warp... so I really mean a few weeks (month?) ago.) I was lucky enough to win a Rodial beauty giveaway. Before this giveaway I hadn't really heard of Rodial... but upon research I found out that it is a luxury high-end brand so I was so excited to receive this as I don't own many high-end products.

What did I receive? What were my thoughts?!

This is described as a 'tinted lip butter with hydraulic acid spheres'...whatever that means...It is enriched with cocoa butter and Vitamin E for a moisture rich butter. The packaging for this lip butter is so luxury, and the smell is pleasant cocoa butter. But unfortunately, that's all I like about this product...I found the butter sat in the cracks in my lips and looked, well, cheap! The only way I can get this butter to look ok on my lips, is over a lipstick. Worth £24? Not in my books.

I actually really like this blusher! Again, the packaging is so sophisticated. The mini compact comes with a little mirror inside, which makes it great for keeping in your handbag. The colour pay off is amazing, only needing a little bit of the powder on your brush before applying. 10/10!

If you read the back of the box for this mask, it is literally a list of the most confusing ingredients I have ever heard of...the only sentence I can vaguely get my head around is 'triple action resurfacing clay mask with hexapeptide, glycolic and fruit acid and pro-biotic technology.' The mask boasts purifying the skin and minimising the appearance of fine lines. The smell of this mask is really fruity, which I like. Overall, I like using this mask, but I think it's mainly because I like using masks full stop, not because I think it performs miracles on my skin...

I really enjoy using these eye masks! They're so fun! These de-puffing bio-cellulose eye masks hydrate and tone the delicate skin around the eyes, making you feel fresh and awake. The product is full of a gel-like substance, which after 30 minutes of leaving the masks under your eyes, your skin has just sucked everything up. These are my favourite out of everything I received.

Overall, I do enjoy using these products and I'm over the moon I won the giveaway! However, I don't think I would buy any of these products... Sure, I like using them! But they are extremely expensive, and I think there are other products, which are cheaper that do the same thing which are more affordable for someone like me.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Nivea Post Shave Balm

As a make-up primer?!

No doubt if you follow beauty Youtubers/bloggers you will have heard about using the Nivea Post-Shave Balm as a make-up primer. This originated from the amazing NikkieTutorials (you MUST go check her out!) when she noticed how her make-up lasted all day after using it under her make-up. Multiple bloggers have raved about the product since, enticing me to give it a try!

Sooo obviously I went and bought myself a bottle. First reaction, I LOVE this smell. Yes, it smells manly. But it's not overpowering and if you like the smell of men's deodorant etc then you will like the smell of this. It doesn't make you smell of man... but it has a subtle man smell to it when you apply it to your face mmm.

I have used this a few times, using a little bit of product under my make-up and seeing how it performs throughout the day. My thoughts? It doesn't work as a face primer... after wearing my make-up for a full day, I found that my face was MORE oily and shiny in my T-zone area. This is not the result I wanted! Most reviews I had read said that the product made their foundation last all day with no need to powder throughout the day. This was NOT the case for me. I tried it multiple times; some days where I would be walking for 40 minutes and some days where I was just sat in front of the TV all day... and still the same result.

I'm not disappointed that I've bought the product, as mentioned before it does smell nice, and I will use the product as a moisturiser. You also get LOTS of product in the bottle. But unfortunately for me this product does not work as a foundation primer :(

Has anyone else used this product as a make-up primer? What were your thoughts?