Cyprus Diaries: Days 2 & 3

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MONDAY 21st March - We used this as a chill day to explore the hotel and the surrounding area. And of course soak up some sun.

This night we were gifted a complimentary 5 course meal from the hotel, which was again, a lovely surprise. Drinks were also complimentary so we gorged ourselves on amazing food and unlimited wine and champagne!

TUESDAY 22nd March - This was our first excursion of the holiday; 'Discover the West'. This was also the worst weather we experienced on the holiday, with heavy rain throughout the day and it was VERY windy. However, we were quite lucky, in that whenever we were on the coach, that is when it rained, rather than on us...

Our first stop was the Temple of Apollo. Situated in the ancient area of Kourion, the site dates back to as early as 8th Century BC which is fascinating. I think it's amazing that we can visit these sites and see places that were used so many years ago by a civilisation much different to our own. Here we saw part of the Temple of Apollo, ruins of Roman baths and various other ruins.

Next we visited the Tombs of the Kings. These tombs, which date back to 4th Century BC, were thought at first to be tombs of Kings. However, they later discovered that these tombs were not for Kings, but for wealthy residents and aristocrats, but the name stuck.

Then we visited the House of Dionysos, the ruins of a Roman villa. This villa is home to some incredible mosaics which date back to the 2nd Century AD. They each told a story, and our tour guide gave us an overview of each mosaic.

After this, we were given free roam around Paphos harbor to get some lunch.

Paphos Castle

To finish the day we ended at the village of Yeroskipos, to look at the first factory where Cyprus delight (loukoumia) was made. 

Stay tuned for Days 3 & 4! :)

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