Cyprus Diaries: Arriving and Day 1

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Welcome to the start of my Cyprus Diaries documenting the recent holiday me and my boyfriend just embarked on!

SATURDAY 19th MARCH - After a gruelling day of travelling we arrived at the Atlantica Miramare Beach Hotel at around 11pm. I was hungry, tired and ready to unpack and hit the pillow. Our spirits were greatly lifted with an amazing greeting by the hotel staff. There was local music being played and dancing at the bar, a man came bounding up and gave us both a glass of champagne and the hotel manager run through the procedures of the hotel. He then told us that they had left a platter of food upstairs which was incredibly welcome... but I didn't expect it to be SO big! There was bread, salami, cheese, fruit, a bottle of wine, a bottle of water and lots more! We were so surprised :) 

This is after we guzzled all the food...
I intend to do a review on the hotel because we were so pleased and impressed with the services and staff. After taking a brief look around the hotel at dark we went to sleep ready for the next day!

SUNDAY 20th MARCH - We woke up bright and early, for breakfast and our welcome meeting from our Thompson rep, who was lovely and extremely informative. Little did we know that this day in Cyprus was a very important one...Limassol Carnival, one of the most notable carnivals worldwide. The hotel was jam packed as many Cypriots came from all over Cyprus for the carnival. It's the carnival which marks the first day of lent for the Greek Orthodox Church. We caught the local bus to the town centre where there were crowds and crowds of people and the floor was a sea of confetti. 

We watched what was left of the parade; massive floats full of people dressed up and squirting confetti and throwing glitter over everyone! This was definitely one of the hottest days of the holiday which was a nice change from the rain in the UK. After the event a local barman informed us that this year over 12,000 people attended, which is pretty impressive!

To finish the night we went to a local cocktail bar and enjoyed a few exotic drinks before heading back to the hotel.  

Watch out for my next post regarding my Cyprus holiday!

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  1. Sounds like your having an excellent holiday lovely post