Primark Contour Palette

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PS... Contour Kit Review

'Primark Beauty..?' I hear you ask... yup. Primark have their own beauty range, and in fact it's been around for quite a while. However, not many people are aware of it. Or they are, and like me, just assumed it would be rubbish because of how cheap it is. A couple of years ago I bought some nail polish from the Primark range and was impressed so, when I was browsing the other day I picked up this palette and thought I'd give it a try.

For a measly £4 you get three shades; contour, bronze and highlight. The packaging is a cute, small compact with a decent sized mirror. It also came with a 'free' contour brush which I immediately threw away as that was rubbish...BUT the product is pretty damn pleasing!

The contour shade is a lovely taupe which isn't too warm or too brown for a contour, which creates a subtle shadow where you want. The bronze is a bit darker and perfect for warming up the skin, and the highlight is a banana shade which subtly lightens. PERFECT.

Here are some pictures of me using this product, particularly to define my cheekbones (which are non-existent...):

Next time you think cheap = rubbish... think again! :) It's not always the case. 
Thanks Primark beauty!

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