Cyprus Diaries: Lookbook

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Im back!! If you follow me on Instagram, you will no doubt be aware I have just spent a week on the sunny Mediterranean Island, Cyprus. With 340 sunny days a year, I was guaranteed to have some sun, sand and sea. The weather wasn't scorching, as expected, but a darn sight better than it is in the UK. Whilst we were there it hit in the 20's and was a beautiful island. I intend to do a 'Cyprus Diaries' series, talking about my week abroad, starting with this lookbook.

Here are a few pictures of clothes that I brought to Cyprus. I didn't manage to get many pictures of outfits outside, as when I actually looked nice (no sun-cream in hair and make-up on...y'know how it goes. Also, there was a disaster where my hair turned green, which I will talk about another time...) it tended to be in the evenings.

Look One

This look is perfect for this time of year abroad. The leggings provide a nice layer to keep your legs warm but not TOO warm if the sun does decide to get hot. If it gets too hot, then just take off the leggings! Also a plain crop top to compliment the pattern going on in the skirt. If you start to get chilly bring a light jumper to put on top! I wore these Converse style shoes (they're not actually Converse, they are a dupe I bought from Boohoo) a lot whilst on holiday. They are super comfy, not too warm and look good.

Grey Crop – ASOS
Leggings – Primark
Sun Glasses – Primark
Canvass Shoes – Boohoo
Swift Skirt – ASOS
Rucksack (even though you can't really see it...) - Primark

Look Two

I wore this look a lot to dinner in the evenings. I think the plain white vest top and jeans are just automatically brightened up with this floral kimono. It's light enough to not overheat but also just gives you that little bit of an extra layer to keep the chill off.

White Vest Top – Primark
Jeans – toxik3 Jeans
Floral Kimono – Primark
Komono Estelle Light Blue Leather Watch
Ballet Pumps - Boohoo
Necklace - Interncionale

I have actually written about this look before when I paired a white crop top with pastel pink jeans. Read that post here! 

Look Three

Again another simple but effective outfit. The long cardigan looks smart but also keeps your arms warm! I tried this hairstyle when we went to dinner as I couldn't be bothered to wash my hair and I'm not gonna lie it did look a bit greasy, so this plait and slicked up pony worked a trick.

Dark Blue Cardigan – Primark
Baby Pink floaty top – Primark
Jeans - toxik3 Jeans
Ballet Pumps – Boohoo
Komono Estelle Light Blue Leather Watch
Necklace - Interncionale

Look Four

I love this floral dress from Topshop. You can dress it up with nice shoes or wear it casual with Converse and still rock it! Again, hair was NOT cooperating, so I did this half-up half-down plait hairstyle to tame my locks.

Floral Dress – Topshop
Leggings – Primark
Ballet Pumps – Boohoo
Komono Estelle Light Blue Leather Watch
Necklace - Interncionale

With this look I did a simple eye shadow with some glittery eyeliner to make my eyes pop :)

Keep an eye out for the rest of my Cyprus Diaries!

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