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On the 17th July I graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in Law.

With an 8:15am start I wasn't feeling too thrilled, excited or even nervous at this point. I was tired and felt like I couldn't be bothered with the day ahead. My parents didn't come so I knew that I was probably going to be bored or even alone most of the time... But I got up at the crack of dawn, dragged my make-up brushes on my face, threw on my dress and attempted to look nice. I did a minimal make-up look, with a hint of pink shimmer on my eye lids and a dusting of dark brown in my crease for a little definition.

My dress was from boohoo and I absolutely LOVE IT! It was £20 which is a bargain and I loved the style and pattern of the dress (buy HERE). It had an open bit on the back, but not too open so I could still wear a bra (result!) and it was a bodycon midi dress. It was quite formal but I'm so glad I wore this dress. I didn't actually manage to get any photos of me in it without the graduation gown on but hopefully you can see how pretty it is. 

The walk to the venue was half an hour (I wish I never bothered with my hair now...) and when I got there I felt flustered and like I wanted to head straight back home again. I picked up my gown and motor-board, got dressed and went on a mission to find my two best friends who did law with me. When I found these guys and met their parents I actually had a lot of fun! Many MANY photos were taken throughout the day and overall it was a lovely experience to celebrate years of fun and studying with my friends. The ceremony wasn't too long. I did get a little nervous when I had to go up on stage and shake the vice-chancellor's hand and get my certificate, but you're only on the stage for a matter of seconds so it wasn't that bad.

My boyfriend graduated on the same day, just a few hours later, so when he got out I spent the rest of the day with him and his family gallivanting off around the university campus taking lots of photos haha. It turned out to be a sunny summers day which was perfect. 

This did turn out to be an expensive day. With the gown hire coming to a £45 charge to wear it for a few hours and photos were hideously expensive. Even guest tickets were £20 each which in my opinion was a bit steep. But this is the only time in my life I will get to graduate and on a whole I am glad I did attend the day.

Although this was an emotional day knowing that I'd finished my degree and I was moving on, this was also a day of happiness and celebration of success. There were moments when I felt extremely proud and happy to have attended such an amazing and beautiful university and also moments when I felt down at the realisation that my studies were over and I would not be returning to lectures in September. I have enjoyed every second of my University experience and I would gladly do it all over again!

Did any of you graduate this summer? Any of you going to University this September/October?

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