July 2015 Favourites

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 Bloomin 'eck its nearly August. And before you know it September has come and then Christmas and then... arrgh time shoots by. Anyway, what lovely things have been making my eyeballs pop and my senses tingle this month?!


I found this going cheap at Tesco so I thought I'd give it a try and it works wonders! It's a really thick, nourishing formula that only needs a minute on the hair. For a deeper condition I leave it on for around 5 minutes. It doesn't weigh the hair down and just leaves it silky smooth and not dry. It smells amazing too, like a nutty smell. It has avocado oil and shea butter in so I think it's the shea butter I can smell. It REALLY reminds me of something I've used before but I can't quite place my finger on it! So annoying...

I absolutely adore my Atlas Mountain Rose body mist so thought I'd try this scent. It is very vanillary and in a way reminds me of custard! Haha, not in a bad way might I add... It's not too heavy and just adds a subtle sweet smell which is pleasant. 

I already am a MAHOOOSIVE fan of the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula range. The original butter formula actually makes me go 'mmmm...' when I apply it. This is no exception. It smells like After Eights and adds a nice glossy sheen to the lips. There is no sticky feeling which I usually hate with lip glosses. This also moisturises the lips really well so if I'm looking for an extra shine I'll use this instead of a lip balm. It also goes well on top of a little lipstick.

A little slow at first, but everything is kicking off and flying about on Channel 4's show, Humans. With the likes of William Hurt and Colin Morgan (notably known for his performance in BBC's Merlin) this show explores the moral implications of using AI which has the capability of having a conscience. I'm loving it and getting excited for the final!

What are your July Favourites? :)

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