The Perfect Nude

By SugarPlumPosts - 21:55

 No. This post isn't about how to make your bum look good…

This post is about something much better. The perfect nude lipstick. What more could a make-up enthusiast ask for! I've found the perfect nude very hard to come by. They are either too brown, too pink or just plain wrong. I don't want a nude lipstick that gives a foundation looking sheen all over my lips... if I wanted to go for that look, I'd reach for my concealer stick. I'm looking for something a little more fine tuned. A salmony pink with a hint of brown, but not too dark. It also has to be a moisturising formula. A lipstick that dries your lips out is never a winner.

And I think I've found it. It's this Rimmel Kate Lipstick in the shade 08. This is just the perfect shade for me, and it goes with almost all make-up looks. It's such a versatile shade. Along side that, the formula for the Rimmel Kate Lipsticks are gorgeous. They're so moisturising and just glide straight on the lips. So there's easy application without outlining cracked lips. This is a very wearable lipstick even for people that suffer with dry, cracked lips like myself. They actually smell good too which I like in a lipstick if I'm smearing it all over my lips. Add the cheap price and this lipstick is a firm favourite. I'm definitely going to invest in more shades from this range. I feel a little late to this Rimmel Kate Lipstick bandwagon... but better late than never I suppose!

There is a close runner up. And that's the e.l.f moisturising lipstick in the shade runaway pink (worn below). 

 This is a marginally cheaper option. Although I love the shade, I find the lipstick formula has a funny kind of crayon smell which is pretty unpleasant. Apart from that it is a brilliant lipstick but I think the Rimmel Kate 08 wins overall. The e.l.f lipstick might prove hard to get in the UK as e.l.f are rebooting their website in summer 2015 but I'm not sure if the same selection of shades will be available.

So there you go! The perfect nude. I feel like my make-up collection is complete now I've found it haha!

What nude lipstick discoveries have you made? Any other Rimmel Kate Lipstick shades you would recommend?

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  1. Hey girl! That Kate shade looks gorgeous on you! What are you wearing in that first pic, its so cute! :) x

    1. Hey! Thanks! In the first pic I'm wearing a dress from boohoo with the Kate 08 shade :) Thanks for the comment :) x