OGX Renewing Argan Oil Review

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I love hair oils. I like to use them to smooth my hair, recondition, deep condition over night... Ahh the list goes on! My friend (Alex: thanks if you're reading this!) gave me this product after deciding that it was not for her and did not suit her hair type. Her hair is rather curly whereas mine is pretty straight but I do suffer from frizz. Also, I have bleached my hair a fair few times now and so it is suffering from a bit of damage (although my hair is very resilient and in pretty good condition considering that I've bleached it!) but Alex hasn't dyed her hair. Because we have different hair types I thought it would be useful to write a review and include both our opinions on the product.
Hurrah for a two sided review! :P

Alex's view...
The reason why Alex gave me this product in the first place is because she said it didn't work for her. She said she followed the instructions as directed on the back of the bottle, but the product just made her hair fluffy and didn't seem to get rid of any frizz. She claimed her hair did feel softer, but it didn't actually make it 'silky smooth'. So, I tried it out for a few weeks.

My View...
When I first used this product I did find that my hair was still fluffy/frizzy. But I've found as I've continued to use it I've learnt how it works best in my hair. I find that if I use this oil in conjunction with a good defrizzing or smoothing shampoo and conditioner combo (the shampoo and conditioner I'm using at the minute which is really good is the Tresemme Smooth Salon Silk range) then it does work really well in my hair. It makes it feel silky smooth, enhances shine, and because of the smoothing shampoo there is very little frizz. This is EXACTLY what I want from a hair oil! But like I say, it does only seem to work when I've used a reliable haircare range.

Overall, don't think I'll be getting another one. The bottle will last a long time so if it does work for you then it is good value for money. But I think there are better hair oils on the market. For example, the ones I've talked about on this blog are good. Including the Body Shop Cocoa Butter Beautifying Oil and the Salon Chic Argan Oil

Have any of you used this OGX oil? What were you thoughts? Any hair oils to recommend?

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