Superdrug Vitamin E moisture mask

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'oooh I really want a new face mask to try!' I was in Superdrug rushing about and so settled for trying the Superdrug's own range and picked up the nearest one without really looking at what it was... It was the Superdrug's Vitamin E moisture mask. It is £2.59 and can be found HERE

When I did pick this one up I assumed it was a face mask that required to be left on for 10-15 minutes then washed off. However, this one works a little different. It's more like an intensive moisturiser cream. You're supposed to apply the product, leave it on for 10-15 minutes then just pat off any excess with a tissue. So no need to wash it off with water. My first impression was a little disappointed as I find not going through the whole process of washing it off doesn't feel as much of a luxury pampering as a wash off mask. But after using it a few times I am extremely satisfied with the product. It smells pleasant and after about 20 minutes of it being on my face my skin was notably smoother. I found no need to wipe off any 'excess'. This is great to put on just before bed and leave it on all night for a deep moisturise.

Because I liked this product so much I looked into getting some other products from the same range. I was in particular looking for a face mask which requires to be washed off. After looking at a few online and reading the reviews I'm now quite dubious about buying any other mask from this range other than the Vitamin E moisture mask. The majority of the reviews were negative with almost all of them complaining about burning/red/blotchy skin as a result of using these masks which is rather worrying. I had no reaction after using this product. My skin isn't particularly sensitive but I have had a couple of reactions in the past but only after using two products that I can remember. I do try stick to 'sensitive skin friendly' products, especially on my face, as I feel no one should be using harsh products on their face whether their skin is sensitive or not. So, after reading the reviews I doubt I will be purchasing a different type of mask from this range. If I continue to get on well with the Vitamin E one I probably will re-purchase.

I'm still continuing to look for a wash off mask that is relatively cheap that does not flare up the skin...? Any recommendations? I was thinking either a Simple one or another Lush one... hmmm...

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