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Sorry about not posting for a while! I was ill (again...) and so had to catch up on loads of uni work I missed. Not fun

I have rather a small collection of foundations but I thought they were worth mentioning as they are cheap and do the job more than fine. The only problem I have with drug-store foundations is matching myself to the right colour as I mentioned in my EstéeLauder Double Wear Foundation post. To get the right match it requires a lot of trial and error and so by the time you've found the right foundation you're already racking up quite a collection of foundations that aren't a great colour match.... However, I find that if you are stuck with a foundation that doesn't quite match your skin tone, mixing other lighter/darker foundations in when you apply it can create you're very own custom colour.

L'Oréal True Match Liquid Foundation - £9.99 - find HERE

This is my all time favourite high street foundation at the moment. The formula is a nice thin liquid but very buildable so it is easy to use it for low/medium coverage. It doesn't smell unpleasant. I find it has a very generic 'makeupy' smell haha. Having an SPF of 17 means that this is great to wear out on sunny days to have perfect coverage and protection from the sun which is important to skincare. I have this foundation in the shade N1 Ivory which I find is a suitable match to my skin tone if I don't build it up too much. I find that it applies flawlessly on my face and lasts all day long (and that's even without a primer) with little need to touch up/powder my face. All in all, a brilliant foundation and especially for the price. Will definitely be purchasing again when I run out :)

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation - £6.99 - find HERE


This foundation is satisfying but does not quite hit the spot as much as my L'Oréal True Match. I think it's because of the colour. I find that even though I have this in the shade 100 Ivory it is still too dark for my skin and so I can't apply a lot without it looking orange against my neck. But on a whole it's not a bad formula for the price. This too has an SPF (18) and is quite thin. It also has nice packaging – and I think you get a bit more product in this bottle compared to the True Match foundation.

e.l.f Flawless Finish Foundation- £7.50 - find HERE


I love e.l.f products and they are absolutely amazing for the prize of the products. This is the first foundation I have tried from the range. The bottle has a luxury feel as it is made with sturdy glass with a smooth black top. The formula is very thick in comparison to the other two products which personally I don't like. Also, the smell of the product reminds me of crayons or clay... which is rather unpleasant. I have this in the shade Porcelain and find it is still a bit too dark for my skin tone. However, it is workable and mixed in with a lighter foundation it does do the job. Also being an SPF foundation (15) it is good for skincare and protection from UV rays which is an admirable feature. However, I don't think I will be purchasing this product again and find there are better products available from drug-stores.

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation - £5.99 - find HERE


When I was at high school I used to LOVE mousse formula foundations. In fact, my holy grail foundation at the time was the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation. However, I now much prefer lighter, liquid based formulas. Thought I would give this a try though for the cheap price and it performed just as expected. I believe mousse formulas are better applied with fingers than with a brush to ensure even coverage. This is the only foundation in my collection which does not have SPF protection which is a disadvantage. I do think I will be sticking to my liquid based foundations from now on though...

For now I think I'm going to continue to use the True Match foundation as my staple go-to foundation as for the price it is an amazing product.

What's your favourite high-street/drugstore/cheap foundation? :)

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