Product Review: L'Oréal Casting Crème Gloss Sunkiss Jelly

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If you read my post about ombré hair (HERE) you will remember me saying that although I am happy with my lightened ends I would love to go lighter on the top of my head too (or all over if I was brave enough...) So, after reading many praising reviews I decided to try the L'Oréal Casting Crème Gloss Sunkiss Jelly in shade No.2 for dark blonde to light blonde hair (find HERE).

Now this is supposed to only be used on natural hair and so I was concentrating the product on the top part of my head which has not been dyed. I obviously did bring some of it down onto my bleached ends but it seems to be fine. The product smells OK, I wouldn't say it smells really good but for a lightening product the smell is definitely not offensive. What you do is either put the product on your whole head, or just on the ends for an ombré effect, and either blow dry the hair until it is dry or sit out in the sun with the product on. You can leave the product in and there is no need to wash it out. As it is still cold outside, I used a hair-dryer. My hair would look and feel really crispy and the product was really visible on my head which didn't look great. Therefore, I would do this on a day where I didn't have to be anywhere, leave it on all day, then wash it out in the evening. I bought two tubes of the product and applied it 7 times every other day or so.

The result? My hair is lighter... I think... but not as light as I would like it. I understand that as a gradual lightening product it is only supposed to be subtle but I think if I were to continue to keep using it, it would rack up quite a price. As a one off subtle lightener it is a cheap option for anyone that has natural hair and wants to change their colour but not dramatically. Also, as I have more of a gingery/strawberry blonde than a dark blonde/blonde I found that it did bring out more of my warmer reddy tones than blonde which is not quite the result I wanted but it was expected. On a whole, for the cheap price (£5.99) and the easy, not too messy application it was definitely worth a try and I have read a load of reviews which say it worked wonders for them :)

After 2 applications...

After 7 applications...

I recently purchased L'Oréal Recital Preference Light Beige Blond 9.13 hair dye (not sure what came over me and possessed me to buy it as I have no intention of dying all my head...) so I was thinking about MAYBE using it to spruce up the blonde colour of my ends..?! Not even sure if it will work but worth a shot! Haha! The colour on the box (HERE) looks soooo lovely and I wish I was brave enough (and had the money for upkeep) to have my full head blonde! Maybe one day...

What lightening products have you tried if at all?

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    1. Thankyou! I found it very hard to find reviews on this product before I first used it, so thought I would write a review myself. Glad you found it useful :)