Dealing with exam stress

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Like me, many of you will be facing a stressful next two months due to exams. I am in my final year of my law degree at the University of Nottingham and these will be my last set of uni exams. Yippee! I have been doing exams for at least 7 years of my life now and I still get extremely nervous and stressed in the exam season. 

So here are my tips for staying as calm as possible in this stressful and hectic period...

First of all, try not to panic
I know that's easier said then done.... but stress gets to us all and when exams are just around the corner we have a tendency to act as though we are going to be walking to our executions on the day of exams. But in reality, the world is not coming to an end. They are only exams! Of course they are important but don't let them totally consume you. I know someone who stressed about exams so much she made herself really unwell (due to lack of sleep and excessive revision) and was too sick to attend her exam so that didn't help her at all! So when you're feeling overwhelmed just take a moment, sit back and think what's the worst that can happen?! If you're putting the effort in then there's no need to panic :)

Keep a positive attitude. 
'I'm going to fail....I'm going to fail...' If this is what you're telling yourself before an exam then you're not going to help yourself. I have had this attitude before too and all it does is put your mood down. If you're not fully confident this does not mean you will fail. Go into the exam thinking you can do it and you will be in the right mind to tackle it.

Have a break and do something that makes you feel calmer. This could be a hobby like sport, a nice warm bubble bath, a cup of tea, or even reading a chapter of your favourite book. Next term at uni our society are holding a wellness week where one of the days you can attend a puppy room to relieve stress, haha! So do something that makes you feel happy and you'll feel a lot better :)

Pamper yourself. 
Take a little time to indulge. Whether this be by having a bubble bath or putting on a face mask it is sure to make you feel refreshed and ready to take on revision!

Talk to people. 
Don't just shut yourself away and eat all 3 meals a day sat in your room revising. Take time to talk to your friends/family. 

Eat, drink and sleep properly. 
Keeping hydrated and nourished is important to stimulate the brain so be sure to maintain a healthy diet. Also make sure you are getting enough sleep. Staying up and revising until 3am each night and waking up early is not going to do you brain or body any good. 
I hope these tips are of some use and help you to unwind after a hard day of revision. 

What other tips do you have to relieve exam stress?

Good luck!

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