Holiday Beauty Essentials

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This weekend me and my boyfriend are going away for a week in Cyprus! Yippee I'm so excited, I can't wait to get away from the wet and cold of England! Although it is forecast to rain a bit next week in Cyprus, but it is still hitting above 20 degrees which sounds good to me!

Here are a few beauty essentials I'm taking on holiday with me. I haven't included make-up as there would have been too many products to talk about so I might do another post on that!

Sun cream

Sun cream is the number one important 'beauty' product you can take on holiday. No one likes to be burnt. And as I'm so fair, I don't tan, I burn and so a high factor sun cream is essential. I'm taking one from Nivea which smells gooood and another little one from Hawaiian Tropic as this one smells divine.... mmm.

Lip Balm

I constantly need to slather lip balm on and so if I forgot this on holiday I would be devastated! Now I know this says it's a hand balm... but I do use this as a lip balm and it works a treat!

Day Cream with SPF

Obviously you can put sun cream on your face, but when I do it seems to sting my eyes, so I prefer to use a day cream with SPF. I'm taking this Nivea Day Cream with SPF of 15. As SPF 15 probably isn't high enough for me, I will be applying a foundation with a high SPF factor too for double protection!

Fake Tan

I am applying fake tan the day before we fly so that I don't look completely out of place... last time I went on holiday people kept telling me that I need to stay out in the sun more to get tanned! I was like no, I burn, I do not tan... I will be taking a bottle of tan with me too as I will be in water a lot I anticipate another application might be in order. I use the Bondi Sands tanning foam in light/medium. I did a full review on this product and a step by step application guide last year so check it out here!

Spray Moisturiser

Obviously when you have fake tanned you need to keep moisturising to keep it looking fresh and to stop it from going patchy. Also, moisturising after sun exposure is vital to stop flaking. I'm taking this Palmers spray moisturiser as it is so easy to apply and sinks straight into the skin meaning I can put my clothes straight on after moisturising. And as you know if you follow my blog, I adore the smell of cocoa butter and rave about Palmers 24/7...

Mini travel essentials

I picked up this cute little Nivea travel pack in Primark. It includes a mini deodorant, body wash, moisturiser, a lip care stick and some face wipes which remove make-up. What more could you need?!

Shampoo & Conditioner

These small bottles from Simple were only 99p so I snapped them up! I've never used these products before but I'm always satisfied with Simple so I'm sure they will do their job!

Other bits and bobs...

This includes the mini toothpaste and items like hair ties, hairbrush, bobby pins etc which are obvious boring beauty essentials. I'm also taking my Rose body mist from the Body Shop for evenings. 

Any of you travelling abroad this summer? What are your beauty essentials?

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