Green Hair Disaster!

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What to do if your blonde hair turns green from swimming

"There's more to life than hair... but it's a good place to start" – The Aussie philosophy

I'm sure all you blonde bombshells out there have been dubious about submerging your beautiful golden locks into pool water, without a little fear that you'll re-emerge with hair like the Joker...but chances are you'll live another day with a goldilocks mane.

In the past I've gone swimming a lot with bleached hair and had no problems with colour distortion. I was a worried a couple of years ago after I'd freshly dyed my hair a few days before holidaying abroad and swimming in the pool daily. But again, nothing went wrong. So, naturally I thought, what is everyone talking about? Perhaps it's just platinum blonde hair that encounters this problem.

Unfortunately not.

On my recent holiday, I was in the pool for less than 20 minutes, washed my hair and made my way back to the hotel room. As I brushed my ombred hair, I noticed that where I had bleached my ends they weren't blonde anymore... they were BRIGHT GREEN. Now, don't get me wrong, if you want to dye your hair green then great, go ahead, that's a decision you made. However, I did not make this decision. I decided to dye my hair blonde NOT green. Silly pool water! Anyway, naturally I cried haha as my hair was very long and I liked the colour. I also didn't like the idea of getting most of my hair chopped to save the situation. So, I asked shouted my boyfriend to Google remedies. After I washed my hair five times, he came in and suggested two home remedies. Coke and tomato juice. We made a trip to the local convenience store and bought both products.

I started with the tomato juice. The tactic here is to submerge your hair in the juice and let it soak for at least 15 minutes. I filled a water bottle to the top, twisted my hair, and plonked it all in the juice and left it. And YAY it worked! I couldn't believe it! There was still a green tinge but it was so much better.

The day after, I soaked my hair again and it was loads better, hardly noticeable.
However, because of all the washing and soaking it became quite dry. So I did end up having a bit of a chop....

...before chop

after chop...

I intend on blonding it up again in the next week so hopefully that goes well!

Sorry I don't have any pictures to show how green the hair was... but I wasn't in a good state of mind to be snapping selfies in a hair disaster!

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  1. Im glad you got the green out, others will know remedies to get rid of it if it happens to them.