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By SugarPlumPosts - 23:41

These beautiful little flowery gems I got for Christmas from my parents. And boy have I fallen in love. Not only is the packaging cuter than a button nose, the products work and smell heavenly too. My parents bought me the bath soak and the body butter and 2 days later I went and bought the body wash to add to my collection. The price is very cheap for such a luxurious product, only costing you just over a couple of quid at sale price (which is on RIGHT NOW might I add...).
Wild Rose Bath Soak  

One drizzle of this into a warm running bath and you will instantly feel like a princess in a rose garden... ok, maybe not that far but it is still the most glorious scent my bath has ever had! It's very delicate, so not an overpowering chemical smell like you might find with some rose scented products. It creates a bubble bath which lasts about 20 minutes before all the bubbles disappear, but the scent still remains.

Wild Rose Body Butter

 The same scent but in a luxurious thick, body cream. You get a nicely sized 300ml in a tub which will last you a while. Sinks in easy leaving your skin smelling amazing.

Wild Rose Body Wash

Again the same gorgeous scent...but in a clear shower gel. This gel doesn't lather up as much as I'd like, but it's gentle and leaves the skin with a light floral scent after drying. 

Any of you tried these product which have sprung up out of nowhere? I guarantee you wont be disappointed!

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