Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation

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For a while now I've been hearing this foundation name pop up a lot; TV adverts, beauty bloggers, YouTubers, suggested products on the Superdrug websites.... (let's pretend that wasn't what persuaded me to buy it, it was on offer ok!) I got this product for £6.99 which is a decent price for foundation. I bought it in the shade 01 Natural Ivory as I believe it's the lightest shade they do. The product is labelled as a 'soft-matte hydrating foundation'. Matte AND hydrating. Sounds too good to be true eh?

So what did I think?

This hydrating whipped gel reminds me very much of the Maybelline Matte Mousse, the foundation I used religiously at the age of 16... I don't mind the texture but I much prefer a liquid foundation now. I think it's easier to blend. However, overall this foundation provided a nice light/medium coverage and the shade was a pretty good match even if it is a little on the yellow side. I'm not sure if I would describe it as matte though. It gave me a little bit of a glow, which I liked, without it making me look oily. So I would bear that in mind if you have oily skin. The foundation lasted well all day, but I think a little powdering would have been needed towards the end of the day.

Top left: No makeup
Top right: Foundation applied
Bottom left and right: Full makeup applied 

Before and After

I would give this foundation a 7/10 which isn't bad for a high street, cheap foundation. :)

Have any of you tried this foundation? What were your thoughts?

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