Xmas Gifts #1 Champneys Beautiful Butters Duo

By SugarPlumPosts - 21:29

I've decided to start a Christmas gift idea series where I will post about beauty related items which will make wonderful gifts for loved ones this Christmas. I'll do a review on the products so that you can be sure the gifts will be adored and appreciated! 

This product was bought for me by my work colleagues for my birthday. It was such a lovely surprise to have received a gift from everyone, especially considering I had only started the job no more than 2 months prior. And this gift is just so luxurious! The packaging is sophisticated and the body butters are gorgeous. I scoop out a generous amount of the butter, rub it in my hand and then smooth it all over my body. It's very rich and thick but it sinks in within a couple of minutes leaving the skin nourished and soft and smelling amazing. The body butters come in two scents.

Citrus Blush Enlivening Body Butter

 This smells HEAVENLY. For anyone that loves citrusy scents then this is certainly for you. It's more of a sweet citrus scent than a bitter one, smells more of lemon than anything else. It's not overpowering though. Quite mild and subtle but scrumptious.

Cloud Nine Indulgent Body Butter

 This scent is a bit more difficult to describe....but it is equally as sumptuous. It's a sweet light fragrance.

I would definitely recommend this product as a gift, having received it as a gift myself and LOVING it.  

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