Product Review: Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

By SugarPlumPosts - 15:05


A new product I bought that I actually REALLY REALLY like! This definitely does what it says on the bottle ('lashes look visably multiplied and fuller'). And for a fantastic price too (link to product on title).

Now, I've had my fair share of mascaras. I kind of think they all do the same thing, with no product being better in my books than another no matter what the price. Until I came across this new favourite mascara! I don't have very long lashes. And after one thin coat of this product they do seem a lot fuller, thicker and longer without being clumpy compared to other products I've used. I find that if I add too much product it can be sightly too clumpy but that is the case with most mascaras. It has a slightly curved plastic wand which emphasises the lashes curl. The wand is not too tiny but not so big that you get mascara all over your eyelid...

I am very impressed with this mascara and definitely will repurchase it.

Great find at the drugstore! What drugstore mascaras do you enjoy? Have any of you tried and loved this product as much as me?!

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  1. I love Maybelline, I think they do such great products. I will definitely be giving this mascara a try!!

    Elizabeth Farrant

    1. They do come out with some great products! and yeah give it a try! :)