Product Review: Tresemme Keratin Smooth 7 Day System

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First of all, Id like to apologise for my blog literally just being product reviews at the moment. I'm in the middle of revising for my finals at uni so I've done nothing that's worthy of blogging. So, sorry about that but after exams I'll have loads more time to do lots of different posts :) 

On to the review! I've had these products for about a year now so I've tested the system out a few times. I tried the whole 7 days system again about a week ago and took photos of my hair so you can see the results. What you're supposed to do is use the shampoo and conditioner, then follow up with 8-10 pumps of the heat activated treatment in towel dried hair. After the hair is dry you then straighten the hair, going over each piece a few times. It is designed for use with straighteners and boasts straight, smooth hair for 7 days and after 3 washes.

I followed the process and I can't really say I noticed any difference in the smoothness of my hair after it was straightened. My hair is always pretty silky smooth after a straighten. One thing I did notice that was different is that I could feel that my hair had some product in it...which wasn't visible but I could feel it. Like a hardness to my hair.

Here is a picture of the first day of using the product and after straightening (there is a little kink near the top of my head which I must have missed with the straighteners which is annoying)

Day 1

On the second day it was less straight from sleeping on it but this is usually exactly what my hair behaves like after straightening and sleeping on it. 

Day 2
The third day is where the real magic is supposed to happen. Straight hair AFTER washing it?! Hmm... You're supposed to stick with the 7 day smooth shampoo and conditioner throughout the 7 days which I did. After washing and drying my hair it was straight (my hair is naturally quite straight anyway, but its very frizzy and not very smooth) but it was very frizzy, especially at the ends of my hair. It was surprisingly more frizzy than usual actually. 

Day 3

My hair remained in this straight-ish but frizzy state for the rest of the 7 days and after the three washes...

Day 7.  Very dry,  frizzy hair with lots of fly-aways

If I'm honest I believe this product dried my hair out and I couldn't wait to get lashings of Argan oil onto my dry locks. I don't believe this product works. It didn't make my hair any more straight or less frizzy than it usually is after washing it. Perhaps if you have really wavy/curly hair you would notice more of a difference. However, this product didnt work for me and I wont be repurchasing. 


Did this product work well for any of you? I plan on doing a haircare routine soon so you can see what products I abolutley love that make my hair feel amazing :)

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