Primark false nails...V.2

By SugarPlumPosts - 20:05


Yes. You heard me. £1.

100 little 1p coins bought me this set of nails. (glue included)

Reading this post is not deja-vu.... I just had to post about these nails!

Again, I have been shocked at the quality and I am fully convinced now, that you need spend no more than £5 on DIY acrylic nails. I did have to file these down a lot, but that is because I don't really get on with really pointy, long nails. I have had these on since Sunday, it is now Tuesday and I have already had compliments from strangers. Only today I had a full conversation with a lady on the bus about how I do it, how long they last, is the glue any good? and when I tell her I did them myself and they only cost me £1, she's just as shocked as I was!

Love falsies? For a quid you've got nothing to lose!

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