I don't believe it! Primark false nails...

By SugarPlumPosts - 14:35

£1.50. No, this is not a joke. £1.50 is what these nails cost.

I couldn't believe my eyes! After years of being a loyal Elegant Touch customer, handing over notes rather than coins for good quality false nails, I thought there was no way, sturdy false nails could ever cost less than a fiver. Oh how wrong I was!

I picked these up from Primark as the shiny rose gold mirror effect was something I could not resist... the glue they come with works very well. The only thing for me was these were too pointy, but this is easily rectified with a nail file, elbow grease and patience. I have since gone back and stocked up on numerous other designs, some on sale for as little as £1. They lasted around a little more than a week, during which I received many compliments. Even a girl on the tram stopped me to compliment my nails! 

Primark, you never fail to surprise me.  

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