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To treat myself after exams I did a small Makeup Revolution purchase. It only came to £18.45 including P&P which is pretty good. Having never tried out this brand before I was excited to experiment with some of the products. It's a really cheap brand but looks quite swish in packaging and so has that luxury feel to it.

What did I buy?

♥ Ultra Blush and Contour Palette Golden Sugar ♥ - £6

I have only used this palette once and so far I LOVE it. The colours are so pretty I also used them as eyeshadow too and to contour, bronze, blush and highlight! The packaging is simple but quite classy. Definitely worth the £6. Because of the size and range of colours inside, it would be the best makeup item to take on a holiday as it is small and can double up as a blush/contour palette and eyeshadow palette. 


Eyeshadows in Cappuccino and Mountains of gold - £1 each

These are very pigmented and again, worth the £1. Bargain!

Top: Cappuccino, Bottom: Mountains of Gold

Pro F105 Contour Brush - £3  Pro E104 Eyebrow Brush - £1.50

Very soft and picks up product well. Not much you can ask for from a brush... The contour brush helped to create a subtle contour instead of a strip which is always good. Nothing worse than stripy cheeks. 


Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in 'Keep flying for you' - £3

This was the only product I was disappointed with. Firstly, I thought the colour I had order was a pinky shade but it turned out to be a bright orange which doesn't really suit me. I have coral shades in my collection but I felt this was far too bright. Also, when I tried the product on it looked a bit cracked and uneven when applied. When I went to take the product of my lips it just would not budge! I used micellar water, make up remover, wipes and just scrubbed at my lips for ages until it finally came off. My lips were so sore afterwards. So, if you're looking for a lip product which is going to last all night (and probably until the morning...) then this is definitely good for that reason but for me it was a no no. Also, just be wary when picking the colours. 

Overall, very satified with my purchase! :)

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  1. I love this brand not only is it cheap but the quality is beautiful 💕I wrote a blogpost about a pallet I have :) check it out at love your blog btw 💕

    1. I'm really enjoying the products I bought mentioned in this post apart from the lip lacquer. I'll check it out thanks! Will definitely have to make another purchase soon. And thanks I just wish I had more time to post. x