Winter Warmers.

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I'm back! Exams are over, coursework is handed in and freedom never tasted so good! Christmas wasn't as full of festive fun like previous years. Having tonsillitis and being bed ridden for 3 weeks with revision to do every single day was not my idea of fun. Sure enough on return to Uni I was on antibiotics and I'm only just making a full recovery now. I still keep wheezing like Mr Wheezy from Toy Story... haha!

As winter is obviously a cold season with lots of revising to be done, everyone is in need of some form of winter warmer. My favourite thing to do is just snuggle up with a hot chocolate and a blanket and stay in pyjamas all day long!

What winter warmers cheer up your frosty days?

Mine include:

♥ Blankets (one can NEVER have enough blankets)
♥ Hot chocolate
♥ Hot water bottles
♥ Pyjamas

I've included some photos which sort of sum up my Christmas. Not very exciting due to the ongoing illness and forever revising but oh well!  

See you soon with a more beauty related post...

Christmas jumper time! (It sang jungle bells haha)
Forever revising law...

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