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By SugarPlumPosts - 23:17

Recently (I say recently... but 'recently' I've lost track of time and been in a bit of a time warp... so I really mean a few weeks (month?) ago.) I was lucky enough to win a Rodial beauty giveaway. Before this giveaway I hadn't really heard of Rodial... but upon research I found out that it is a luxury high-end brand so I was so excited to receive this as I don't own many high-end products.

What did I receive? What were my thoughts?!

This is described as a 'tinted lip butter with hydraulic acid spheres'...whatever that means...It is enriched with cocoa butter and Vitamin E for a moisture rich butter. The packaging for this lip butter is so luxury, and the smell is pleasant cocoa butter. But unfortunately, that's all I like about this product...I found the butter sat in the cracks in my lips and looked, well, cheap! The only way I can get this butter to look ok on my lips, is over a lipstick. Worth £24? Not in my books.

I actually really like this blusher! Again, the packaging is so sophisticated. The mini compact comes with a little mirror inside, which makes it great for keeping in your handbag. The colour pay off is amazing, only needing a little bit of the powder on your brush before applying. 10/10!

If you read the back of the box for this mask, it is literally a list of the most confusing ingredients I have ever heard of...the only sentence I can vaguely get my head around is 'triple action resurfacing clay mask with hexapeptide, glycolic and fruit acid and pro-biotic technology.' The mask boasts purifying the skin and minimising the appearance of fine lines. The smell of this mask is really fruity, which I like. Overall, I like using this mask, but I think it's mainly because I like using masks full stop, not because I think it performs miracles on my skin...

I really enjoy using these eye masks! They're so fun! These de-puffing bio-cellulose eye masks hydrate and tone the delicate skin around the eyes, making you feel fresh and awake. The product is full of a gel-like substance, which after 30 minutes of leaving the masks under your eyes, your skin has just sucked everything up. These are my favourite out of everything I received.

Overall, I do enjoy using these products and I'm over the moon I won the giveaway! However, I don't think I would buy any of these products... Sure, I like using them! But they are extremely expensive, and I think there are other products, which are cheaper that do the same thing which are more affordable for someone like me.

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