Makeup Revolution: Redemption Palette Hot Smoked

By SugarPlumPosts - 14:03

Purchase at...Superdrug or Makeup Revolution

I've heard a lot of good reviews about these palettes and so I thought it was my time to try one out. I opted for the Redemption Palette Hot Smoked as there are lots of deep dark and sultry colours to choose from which is a little different from what I've owned before. It also has a mix between shimmer and matte shades which is a nice aspect of the palette allowing for more option.

I already own two Makeup Revolution individual eyeshadow shades (see in post HERE) which I use regularly and the pigment is amazing and totally worth the bargain of a £1 each. So I kind of already knew what to expect from this palette; amazing colour/pigment pay-off for an amazing price. The palette is £4 for 12 shades which is an absolute steal! 

6 shades from the left of the palette.

6 shades from the right of the palette.

I also have some Makeup Revolution lipsticks, primer and makeup setting spray to review so stay tuned! This is definitely a brand I see myself going back to for some brilliant products for less than a fiver a piece!

What Makeup Revolution products have you been loving?!

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  1. I am obsessed with Makeup Revolution lately! xo

    1. It really is a great brand for fantastic products at fantastic prices! x