How to do a strand test

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I've been blonding up my hair for around 2 years now. Before then I had never touched a hair dye. I've only also ever ombred my hair too, and only ever used one type of hair dye... so when I wanted to retouch up my ombre and couldn't find my trusted hair dye... I had to settle for another.

So, as I've never tried this dye before I was very reluctant to just spread it on my hair and hope for the best. I decided to do a strand test to try out the colour first and make sure it didn't turn it completely the wrong colour.

STEP 1: Take a piece of hair from the underside of your head, which will be darkest and less hard to see if it goes wrong.

STEP 2: Move all the rest of your hair out of the way by clipping it up or tying it up.

STEP 3: Mix your dye – take a plastic spoon and mix 1 spoonful of colour to 1.5 spoonfuls of developer. Make sure to screw the caps back on the bottles securely so it doesn't leak!

SETP 4: Apply to the strand of hair you sectioned earlier. Make sure you cover all the strand so that you can see the result clearly.

STEP 5: Leave to develop for the length of time which your instructions say.

STEP 6: Rinse the strand and let air dry.

From this process you should be able to see the colour which the dye will turn your hair. Obviously this might change over your full head as you do have darker hair under your head rather than on the top. For me, I found the strand test definitely showed the hair would be lighter but I didn't notice a massive difference. This made me confident enough to go ahead and use it, and I loved the results! I will do a full review on this hair dye soon!

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