Aldi Lacura Skincare Review

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I would never have thought to purchase items from Aldi. I had this preconception that it was going to be cheap (yes that part is true) and tacky and basically rubbish (this part is not true! YAY!) But I was pleasantly surprised. Some news articles are comparing Aldi products to £200+ creams. I have linked some articles below so you can see for yourself!

So what products have I tried...?

Renew Daily Face Cream Q10 SPF 15 - £1.49

This day cream is perfect to use on a daily basis. It sinks into the skin well, and has an SPF of 15 which is always a bonus. This is a lovely light moisturiser with a subtle scent which is also perfect to be worn under makeup to keep your skin hydrated all day! The tube is a nice handbag size too, so it's great for travel or overnight stay.

Renew Day Cream – Q10 £1.99

This is definitely my favourite in the range. It smells really good but not overpowering in any way. It is suitable for sensitive skin so you don't have to worry about any blotchy red skin or rashes. It sinks into the skin well, providing a great base for makeup. I have recently been wearing this under my daily foundation with a little powder on top and my face doesn't go shiny. This day cream does smell different to the previous face cream mentioned and I prefer this one. However, because it doesn't have SPF I would always recommend wearing this one with an SPF foundation on top to protect against UV. The packaging is a nice glass pot which definitely makes the product feel more than its worth.

Expert Intensive Care – Beautifying Serum

This product I didn't like quite as much. The serum is good in the way that it definitely did make my skin feel smoother and softer, so it does do its job. However, I don't like the smell AT ALL. It smells like cough medicine, Covonia comes to mind... and when I'm smearing something that smells like cough medicine all over my face it doesn't exactly make it feel like a pamper product. It also stung my eyes and face slightly, and I don't have sensitive skin. So I wouldn't recommend this to anybody that has sensitive or rash-prone skin. The product comes in a glass bottle, which is always nicer than plastic, and definitely feel luxurious. You only need to use 2-3 drops, so it will last a very long time meaning you absolutely get your money's worth!

Expert Double Effect Eye Gel

Again, with this product, I don't like the smell. It reminds me of raisins. However, the gel does moisturise the area around the eyes well. It does leave the skin a little sticky, but I didn't find this too irritating.

Have any of you tried the Aldi skin care range? Were you impressed?

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