Xmas Gifts #2 Benefit Cheek set

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Watt's uppppp! It's Benefit! I love Benefit and their quirky product names and the way everything just looks so cute. Alongside that, the products are amazing quality. Although Benefit is classified as a 'high end' brand, I think it's more on the lower end of the 'high' brand scale. So, not too expensive but still a luxury.

One of my main girlies (love ya Rach!) got me this gorgeous set for my birthday this year and I am confident this will induce smiles on Christmas day :) So what's to love?

First of all, the main purpose of this set is the cheek powders. This set includes:

dandelion brightening face powder
I love to use this as a girly, light pink blusher. It gives the cheek a light sheen and flush and is perfect as an everyday blush.

hoola bronzing powder
To be honest, I was getting sick of hearing everyone going on and on about benefit hoola bronzer. All I thought was, 'what's the big deal?! Surely it's just a generic bronzer...?!' How wrong I was. I'm now officially on the Benefit hoola bandwagon. This bronzer is perfect for my skin tone. It doesn't leave a dirty streak of brown across your face, it blends into the contours of your face leaving a subtle, but effective glow.

sugarbomb “sugar rush flush” face powder
Swirl your brush around in these four lovely colours for the perfect flush. Very shimmery and gives a gorgeous glow to the face.

rockateur famously proactive face powder
This blusher is a little darker than the rest so I prefer to use this if I'm going out in the evening to have more of a rosy red cheek.

CORALista “a rio pleasure” face powder
A perfect coral blusher for a summery blushed cheek.

There is a little travel version of the Benefit watt’s up! soft focus highlighter in the set too. This is great to brighten under the eyebrow bone or to use as a cheek highlighter to make those cheekbones pop!

Next is the travel size eye makeup...

they’re real! mascara
Again, a lot of hype over this product and there is me just thinking it will be an average mascara. This really does lengthen the lashes and make them just look thicker without being clumpy. Definitely one of the best mascaras I've used in a long time.

they’re real! push-up liner
When I first used this, my initial thought was, 'what is this crazy alien contraption..?' and couldn't get to grips with it at all. However, after a bit of practice I think this eyeliner is easy to use and make a dramatic line.

All in all, a beautiful makeup set which looks cute and has everything you need for a gorgeous blush! Would any of you like to receive this for Christmas? Have you already bought it for someone as a present? :)

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