Natural and Organic Face Masks

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I like to use a face mask once a week, usually on a Sunday when my face is having a break from make-up, just to draw out any impurities and give my face a bit of a pampering. Here are two natural face masks I've been loving, especially now that the weather is getting colder and my face need a bit of extra help keeping soft.

This product is certified 70% organic. The mask applies quite wet to the face but dries slowly to a firm clay mask. The Moroccan clay feels quite tight by the time the 20 minutes is up. One of the main noticeable scents in this mask is rosemary which is mild and pleasant. After I've washed off the mask my skin just feel cleansed and clean. I always follow up with a rich moisturiser to give my skin the care it needs. At the minute I'm loving Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Night Renewal Cream. This cream is just rich and thick, smells gorgeous, sinks in well and makes my skin really soft. Basically, it does absolutely everything someone wants in a moisturiser for a decent price.

This mask is a little different as it is one of those which should be applied to the face and then left to sink in for a bit before removing any excess product. With these I like to apply the product at night, about 20 minutes before bed to give it time to sink in. Instead of washing off any excess product I just sleep with it on so that in the morning I have super soft skin ready for the day ahead. The main scent in this mask is wild rose, which I adore. I think rose has such a subtle but lovely feminine scent. Another beneficial ingredient within this mask is Rosa Mosqueta oil which helps to stop fine lines and prevents wrinkles.

What masks do you like to use? Any natural/organic products you love?

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