Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation – First Impression

By SugarPlumPosts - 14:51

Recently, I purchased a new foundation... shock horror. I have ventured away from the safe haven that is L'Oreal True Match. I never buy new foundations because I always find I am disappointed. Usually with the shade. As I am so pale it is difficult finding a shade which suits my skin without making me look like a tangerine, even if it is the lightest option. So I was hesitant as no matter whether its cheap or expensive they don't seem to do their job properly. However, I took the plunge and found myself pleasantly surprised. I bought the shade Light Ivory which I believe is the lightest shade available. I did test the foundation on the back of my hand in the shop and found that for once it actually matched rather than making a horrid orange blob on my hand. 

Swatch on hand after rubbing the foundation in lightly.

I've used the foundation a couple of times and I really like it! It blends really well without caking the face or leaving any brush lines. It lasts all day giving the skin an even coverage. Love it! It's a little bit more pricey than the L'Oreal True Match but for a high street/drugstore brand it certainly is worth the extra few quid. 

Any one else love this foundation?!

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  1. I am also very afraid of using different foundations but i am in need of a new one ;) thanks for the recommendation!