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 This is my Uni. The University of Nottingham. Isn't it beautiful? And this is only a bit of it! I'll be graduating here in July to celebrate 3 wholesome years of studying, hard work, meeting great people and just having such an amazing time! I studied law, which was EXTREMELY challenging and required a lot of hard work to even achieve average grades... but it has all been worth it for the experience and to be a Bachelor of Laws!

But what is Uni really like? Obviously it will be different for every person but here's my experience.

You will meet some amazing people and make great friends who you'll hopefully get to live with :)
This is definitely one of the best bits of Uni. Living with your mates. I actually met my boyfriend here in my halls along with the same mates, so we all lived together for a year in halls then shared houses in our 2nd and 3rd years. This is just so different to living at home. Living with 6 people all the same age as you is great fun.

You will have to study harder than ever before...
This is going to be different for individuals and depends on where you go and what kind of subject you'll be studying. But on a whole you will have to work your butt off, especially in 2nd and 3rd years. But don't worry this doesn't mean you have to stop having fun. You just need to make sure you have the right balance between work and a social life. Work hard, play hard!

You will need to be independent in your studies.
At school and college, we're used to being 'spoon fed' all the information then usually reciting it like a parrot for the exams and can still come out with a decent grade. At Uni this is very different. There is A LOT of independent study and extra reading which is usually essential. You just have to have the initiative to go and do it without being told to. You don't HAVE to attend lectures but do you really want to be missing essential information for your degree? Not really. So make sure you're not lazy and attend those lectures which you're paying for!!

You will spend more money than at home... BUT there are great student deals and discounts!
Bills, food, accommodation.. these are all things you probably didn't have to worry about at home. But don't worry, that is what the student maintenance loan is for and you shouldn't have any problems. There are however, some money perks from being a student. You can use your student card to get a lot of discounts at retail stores such as New Look and also discounts in branch restaurants. You can also buy a NUS extra card for £12 a year which gives extra savings at loads of stores and restaurants. As a student, you will usually have the opportunity to go on student nights out which will mean you get into clubs for cheaper prices with cheaper drinks. Which is a great experience with all of your friends without breaking the bank.

You will have the best time!!!
University has honestly been the most fun I've had. It has made me more independent as a person and I know that I can take care of myself. I have met some incredible people, and really enjoyed my studies. It has been an awesome opportunity and I have loved every minute of it!

Now is for the next chapter of my life, wherever that may take me...

What have your experiences of Uni been like? Any of you hoping to start Uni this September/October? :)

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