May 2015 Favourites

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What did I enjoy using the past dull month of revision in May...? Well, seen as though I barely went out I didn't have much opportunity to try out new products. But I have had a few oldie but goldie products which I found I was loving last month! Just beauty related I'm afraid... all I've been reading is law and not had an opportunity to watch much TV.

I adore this stuff! I love the scent of cocoa butter and find it has such good properties for the skin. It keeps my skin feeling soft, well hydrated and smelling amazing. It smells really chocolatey so I can't say no to that... It's a lovely creamy/butter formula which sinks into the skin like a dream. I've been using this for a while now but the past month I've been reaching for it as my go-to daily body moisturiser, especially since I faked tanned and needed extra hydration.

I got this free by spending £10 online at the body shop in a recent deal they had. (like I said in my body shop goodies post, the body shop regularly have amazing deals on where you get a certain amount off and/or a free gift so sign up to the mailing list to be updated! You won't regret it!) It smells so orangey, fruity and fresh it is just the perfect summer scrub for that zesty scent. The scrub itself is a gel formula and so foams up well whilst the grit in the product exfoliates the skin making it soft and smooth. The 'grit' is very fine and so not too rough on the skin and so it's great for people with sensitive skin as it exfoliates but without totally scratching your skin off. I definitely would like to purchase this again. 


I've been reaching for this scent more as summer sets in as it's not a sickly smell but is fresh, summery and light. It doesn't smell like granny rose perfume (you know what I mean...) but just has a light rose flowery smell which is great to be worn day or night. I'm getting through this stuff pretty quickly now so I reckon another purchase will be in order soon!

I mentioned these nail polishes in my April favourites and praised them as being the best drug store nail varnishes I've tried yet. And over this month I have just been loving this gorgeous pastel bright green colour! It's just so summery and bright I can't get enough of it. And the nail varnish is great, stays on for ages without chipping, doesn't take long to dry when applying and always get a nice even application. I definitely want to get more bright colours from this collection!

What have you been loving this month?! Tried any of these products and loved them as much as me?!

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