First EVER Lush purchase...

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So, I went and bought lush products for the first time. Ever. Some of you will be screaming 'how have you never been to Lush before?!' I've never really been that pulled in by the products and found my money could be better spent elsewhere on cheaper beauty buys. However, after browsing I decided to give a couple of things a try and was pretty impressed. I opted for a face mask as my face has been pretty dry these last few months so thought a bit 'o pampering was in order. Also, a lip scrub as they sounded delicious and good for flaky/dry lips.

What did I buy?

♥ Fresh Face Mask – Cupcake - £6.50 (Find here)

Not entirely sure about the scent of this one. It's more of an earthy scent with cocoa than a sweet chocolatey smell which is what I was expecting. But in terms of how it made my skin feel it did do the job. I left it on for about 10 minutes then washed it off with a hot flannel. It left my skin feeling soft and very cleansed/clean. At first I thought 'wow this pot is really tiny...' but after I used it for the first time rather liberally, I found that there is still a lot left in the pot perhaps giving me two or three more applications.

Lip Scrub – The Kiss (limited Valentine's edition) - £5.50 (Find here)

This is gorgeous! It's from the valentine's collection so bear in mind it will only be available for a limited time. The best way to describe it is a fruit salad made of sweets. On the top, there are little love hearts and hundred and thousands which is really cute. When you use it you instantly get a sugary sweet taste which is rather pleasant. The man in the shop who served me said that you can just leave it on your lips as it is mainly sugar, but after a thorough scrub I did rinse mine off and applied some lip balm. I have found that my lips have been a lot softer since using it.

I know that two products really isn't much... but I wanted to give a couple of the products a test before coming home three bags full... I am very impressed with the couple of products I did try though and really would like to try out more. Definitely want to try the massage bars! 

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