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I desperately want to invest in a high end foundation. I don't own many high end products and the couple that I do are extremely old. If I'm going to splash out on something it will be foundation as high street make-up is generally very good but you can't get colour matched. This means to find a high street foundation you really like requires constant trial and error. Being extremely fair I find it difficult to find a foundation that doesn't make me look slightly orange. It's the same with concealers. So, I've decided to go on a hunt for a high end foundation match that I'm really pleased with and will be worth the extra money. 

The amount of reviews I have read absolutely raving about the Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation is unbelievable. People have said it is their Holy Grail foundation! Some reviews however say the foundation makes them break out but the sample I got isn't enough to tell whether it will do that for me. Another criticism of the full product is that the bottle doesn't have a pump which is rather annoying.

When I first went to get coloured matched a lady from the Clinique counter came and did it for me as the Estée Lauder one was busy. I was matched me to the shade Cool Bone. Having tried it when I got home I found it was far too dark for my face and didn't match my neck at all. So, I went back and got rematched the next week by an Estée Lauder lady and this time was matched as the shade Ecru. Cool Bone was far too pink for my complexion and I found that this new shade did match me a lot better. I still find it is a little too dark if I build the coverage to high. 

Shade: Cool Bone
Shade: Ecru

Left: Cool Bone  Right: Ecru

 I like the formula, a little goes a long way. It sits nicely on my skin and it definitely does last very long. The formula is thicker than I thought it would be but easily blended. The only problem I found was that it went a little patchy on top of dry skin so it is essential you moisturise your face before applying. But on a whole its rather good. Is it worth the money? I'm not sure... I want to try out other samples before deciding. It's obvious the full product will last for ages and so that is a benefit. Let me know what you guys think of the double wear foundation and whether it's worth the extra cash :)

What high end foundation sample shall I try next? Any recommendations?

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  1. Really want to try the double wear foundation!!

    1. Hey! I went into my local Debenhams, to the Estee Lauder counter and asked for a colour match and they gave me a 10 day sample. I'm sure your local Estee Lauder counter will do the same for you. Perhaps try your local department store like a Debenhams or House of Fraser to see if they have an Estee Lauder counter. :) x

  2. I have seen this foundation first last year, when I did my makeover from Lina, she used only few drops and this was so awesome. I loved my outlook. The way my makeup came out and last for long time. She is very good , I so love her. She also trains best makeup lesson by Lina Cameron in my town!